You And Me And Your Friend SQUID | Sonic Frontiers Stream Highlights -

You And Me And Your Friend SQUID | Sonic Frontiers Stream Highlights

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What happens when an Armour Knight streams a game about going fast? More fun than you’d think. This was such a fun stream, might do more some time.

0:00 Cyberspace 1-2
5:26 Music Shuffle is a Treasure
7:59 SQUID
10:12 I Accidentally Summoned Big the Cat
11:33 Why Amy Rose Is My Favourite Sonic Character (no cap)
16:34 IDW character voice speculation
17:42 First try Giganto! (With some help from chat)
25:44 Other Cyberspace S Ranks
29:11 Exploration and More (Still amazing, trust me)

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  1. 9:58– Oh my goodness, we were all F^^^ING BLIND! I decided to come back here to enjoy more SQUID moments, but then at the time stamp, you can see the point where we see both Squids, the first one super far away briefly in the background and then the second one you pan to at the end… We all missed SQUID 2 during the stream and didn't realize there were more until the community post… Man we're blind… lol

  2. 12:55 people forget that Amy can literally just form giant hammers out of thin air. That’s just an ability she has it’s not a cartoony thing. And also there’s several times where eggman is shown to be VERY afraid of Amy which is pretty funny

  3. Sonic Frontiers Kiwami featuring the Squid Everywhere System

  4. Go to fast in amror! Slighty unrelated despite armor looking heavy, alot of armor was not only pretty light but flexibly. Blacksmith basically doing metal science to make the best armor.

    Again my experience with sonic is sonic x(sadly with the English dub by 4kids), adventures of sonic the hedgehog(because ytp), sonic colors and sonic fandub. Usually I roll my eyes at vulgar humour, but parker fandub makes it work for the most part. My favorite is shadow the hedgehog one as I find that to be most consisnet funny(along pissing into moon speech is iconic)

  5. Okay so if anyone wants to know how that "accidental fanfic" thing even happened…

    So me and my friends were playing a game with a protagonist you can name. And I just asked them to please just keep the guy's default name. Surprisingly they agreed… except there was a "2" at the end of the character's name.
    Things went downhill from there because of the obvious implications that the name brought up and the fact that, wow, what a shock, my friends WILL NOT SHUT THE HELL UP.

    …also I cracked a joke about my friend's voice for one of the characters sounding like Markiplier, which… someone send help.

  6. Sonic frontiers is absolutely ridiculous, I love it. Squid just loves to photo bomb cutscenes.

  7. 7:59 "let me just pull a tarot card, im curious"

    12:57 in ciels route in the tsukihime remake, theres a scene where shiki (the main character) and ciel (the love interest in the route) meet upon arcueid and both repeatedly shove the other behind themself until shiki eventually forgot what hes doing and starts having fun because he feels like he's dancing with ciel.

  8. First, hope you're feeling better Klingy and that you'll be fine soon.
    Second, for peak fiction, go to 8:00 to 10:10 of the video and shout SQUID every time they show up. It's a truly immersive experience.
    In Other News, will be saving my "In Other News" for when we get back to Strikers, but I'm at least happy with the progress I'm making in Unicorn Overlord.

  9. Seeing you getting the S-Rank on 1-2 on stream was so hype, that was peak Sonic the Hedgehog.

    Also, Squid.

  10. That was a fun stream. Deffinently looking forward to the next Frontiers stream.

    Also the Sonic Symphony was SO GOOD OMG. Hearing Knight of the Wind and Frontiers' vocal themes live was legit the best experiance I have ever had. I do hope it does get to Australia someday so that more get to experiance it.

  11. The armor knight goes really fast and then 2AM chat things happen.

  12. So about my history with Sonic, While the first game I played was Sonic the Hedgehog, but not only did I not own it or I never owned any Sega console, being born several years after the series started and by the time I actually played the original the Sega Dreamcast was on its way out. So I was never a Sega Kid and don’t have much experience with the Genesis Era.

    11:05 With Big I am admittedly surprised that he was in Sonic and Sega All Stars Racing considering that he has spent a lot of his history not being a popular character, so I feel like if you wanted a Sonic character for anything outside the main staples in a game that’s a multi series crossover you wouldn’t pick him, and he was the only one nit brought back in the sequal.

    And combining those two things, while I played both of those racing games when they came out I hadn’t played many of the other games included even if I was familiar with them. Which I don’t think is entirely unique, Sonic is by far their most well known IP.

    12:56 A funny thing is that I feel the talk about love interests and feminine characters being capable fighters, I feel that will heavily depend on what games and media you are talking about.

    In regards to Amy specifically , despite her battle strength she also spent quite a few years as a supporting chstsvtrr in games who doesn’t get involved in the main conflict , in a series that both tends to focus on a singular protagonist and dropped other gameplay styles for quite a few years.

    In JRPG’s which tend to have a party that contains both men and woman if the love interest is a member of the party they will be often be a strong combatant, Male or Female, Feminine or Masculine they will be someone who contributes to combat. Especially if a love interests profession involves combat,

    16:59 So somewhat unrelated but hearing about a female electric user called Surge makes me think of the relatively obscure X Men character, to the point that what I think is her most imoritant appearance outside of comics was in a delisted video game from 13 years ago, which I don’t remember fitting her description from the comics, which makes her out as a hot headed, somewhat confrontational motor mouth with leadership qualities with issues with failure,

    27:01 Based on what I know that Sly 3 Multiplayer would be one of the least intensive cases of multiplayer on development and something that other games could follow, Since isn’t there Dogfighting gameplay in the main story of that game, so unlike something called Sonic and Black Knight their multiplayer is based on playing a mini game from the main story in a multiplayer context, hence less dedicated development.

  13. 12:58 I think most couples in Avatar the Last Airbender are like this though I could be wrong, going through my frequent ATLA brainrot phase right now.

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