Xbox Deals of the Week May 2023: 10 GREAT Games Up To 80% Off -

Xbox Deals of the Week May 2023: 10 GREAT Games Up To 80% Off

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Xbox Deals of the Week are here once again with some HUGE chunks taken out of the prices of some great games and bundles – from Assassin’s Creed Valhalla & Ezio bundles all the way to Dying Light 2 and the Callisto Protocol, there’s something for everybody.

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00:00 New Xbox Deals For May 2023
00:15 Axcellent Viking Fun
01:09 3 Classics In One
02:08 Hell In Space
02:54 A Huge Expansion At A Low Price
03:54 Hit The Ice
04:39 Parkour & Gore
05:27 This Game Will Mess With Your Head
06:14 Incredibly Intricate Fantasy
06:56 Gunslinging Fun
07:39 Teamwork Makes The Dream Work… Right?


  1. Just a question if these sales finished, will it come again? And when?Cuz wanted to buy a game where discount ended few days ago

  2. Wish i can play hunt showdown but they only sell the game in USA or Europe

  3. I was probably the first person to ever comment on this very exact

  4. Origins > Odyssey > Valhalla
    Ezio collection > all of the above

  5. Assassin's Creed Black flag is also on sale. That's one of the best AC games, you should have included it in this list

  6. Finally got the Ragnarok expansion for AC Valhalla on series X! Getting back into after playing Zelda TOTK

  7. Assassin Creed, Valhalla, siege of Paris. I played the other DLC now I’m too addicted.

  8. What happened to the woman from the past

  9. Im always tempted to get Control But then i remember how much i hate the Hiss noises and always wanted to turn them off but can't when i played half of it when it was on GP

  10. 80% IS amazing deal Xbox. I've Been interested of Assassin's Creed Valhalla many years IT Looks amazing game and viking History IS so interesting its awesome Valhalla IS now on Sale. 🎮

  11. What does smart delivery mean?🧐🧐

  12. I feel sorry for anyone that bought a series x.

  13. Hi can use add a little filter in game store to see all games and to see which games have Dolby atmos? I see there’s no filter for that thanks

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