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What If Squid Game Was Played In America?

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What If Squid Game Was Played In America?
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What if Squid Game was played in America? Squid game is a very popular show on Netflix that was released earlier this year. It was filmed in Korea and has received some exceptional reviews from critics and the public. The premise of the show according to Google is that, Hundreds of cash-strapped contestants accept an invitation to compete in children’s games for a tempting prize, but the stakes are dreadful. But what would it be like if squid game was played in America?

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  1. And why don’t you speculate about what games would be played? I imagine freeze tag , hide and seek , hopscotch , the floor is lava and musical chairs

  2. maybe 10 people from each state to make it more fun lol

  3. I wonder why in the original squid game they knocked the players out to transport them to the island where they games took place and if there was an American version where the island was one of the Aleutians , would they probably do the same but it would be a longer trip even if they stuck to west coast people in recruiting?

  4. What of Squid Game was played in America?

    They are. We call them school shootings.

  5. I can already see the here within one hour tickets

  6. Squid game would still be the same as the Original one. Also, it would be a way to reduce homelessness or people in debt, and the population in general

  7. Well you see, squid game would be played in America

  8. I thought the movie 13 was the American version already.

  9. Hell an American squid game is probably happening right now

  10. Everything you said you doubt dude is possible & happens 💯

  11. I'm not sure where the idea came from that there can only be one winner. We saw in the record room that other years had multiple winners

  12. Besides people from all over America being required, I suspect they'd likely target people at multiple areas of cities with a higher homeless population. For instance, I can imagine multiple areas of Chicago having one or two people as people ending up in this game as well as New York City and/or LA.

  13. ya cant wait for season 1 of the real thing id watch

  14. Honestly I think he makes a few key errors in judgement. There are tons of places in the contintal US where nobody is going to just stumble across your location. Or at least nobody is likely too. Especially if you own enough of both the land a local LEOs and construction that you could shut down an area. for a week or so if you wanted.

  15. location ? an island on the Bering Strait.. in the arctic.. mmmm near to russia .. perhaps not

  16. Can you also name American Childhood Game for this USA Squid Game

  17. Seungbonb-ri is off the coast of Seoul South Korea

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