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What If Saitama Was In Demon Slayer Verse With Tanjiro

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Story Title:-
Demon Slayer: Saitama and the Demon Slayer World
Crafted by: HappyGoLuckyKitty
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💌 A Special Thanks:
Permission for this exploration was graciously granted by HappyGoLuckyKitty 2024.
📖 Summary:
The A-class hero known as Saitama the caped baldy was just shopping in the grocery store alone. The hero happened to get mysteriously teleported in another world that was under Taishō Period.

Wandering around the woods at the dark night, he found some several youngsters wielding katana, not until he realized that these youngsters are slaying flesh-eating demons to survive during the Final Selections

The heroic Saitama found the brave boy Tanjiro, becomes a duo that they decided to journey together in finding the rumored demon king, venturing out in an endless adventure in hopes to find some cure to Tanjiro’s younger sister named Nezuko.

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🎮 Behind the Scenes:
Experience the thrill with our exclusive gameplay in the background. Every move and strategy is my own creation, bringing the story to life in a uniquely immersive way.

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Uncover a fresh take on Saitama’s powers.
Explore the depths of unseen realms and connections.
Engage with a story that blends the supernatural with heartfelt heroism.

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  1. good story but the writing gave me cancer

  2. this is the most ridiculous idea you had yet
    its taking unfair to the next level

    like what is next goku in baki

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