Vtuber Reacts to BrilliantStupidity - Can You Beat Total Warhammer 3 Using ONLY Squigs? - squidgame.quest

Vtuber Reacts to BrilliantStupidity – Can You Beat Total Warhammer 3 Using ONLY Squigs?

The Legit Weebs
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Can You Beat Total Warhammer 3 Using ONLY Squigs? by BrilliantStupidity

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  1. I'd like to see him try this again after the 30th. Poor Skarsnik is going to be screwed with the dwarf rework. Belegar and Queek both got updates in 2 to make them more survivable, but I don't think Skarsnik's gotten anything new just to him. I'd really love for him to get the skaven ambush stance to reflect his sneaky ways.

  2. 20:40 as long as you often land with 1 Unit, you can have a full flying army Edit: Manual landing was not possible in WH 2 but is in WH 3, so full Flyers is a go

  3. Pls react to the new dlc trailer thrones of decay

  4. To put it mildly. Skarsnik buffs goblins offensively. Just a teeny tiny bit. With a max collection of buffs you can get nasty skulkers (a stalking melee assassin unit) 97 melee attack. And a lot of weapon strength. So basically guaranteed to hit them with good damage. Especially with a charge bonus. As he showed his squighoppers had 80 melee attack which is massive lol

  5. 33:07 is a vibe with the Fire Emblem Engage track "Unshaken Royal Confidence"

  6. The real way to deal with stalk-heavy armies like beastmen is…well, scouts. Send some fast and/or expendable troops like skavenslaves or some flavor of light cavalry and fan out ahead of your battle line.

  7. I love Squigs, in fact, Squigmamales are the pinaccle of ork-kind

  8. Belegar is the most dangerous dwarf lord on the hardest campaign difficulty because normally he shouldn’t have full armies cuz of his effects. Instead he has two full armies at turn 15 and will stomp you into oblivion. (This isn’t Horned Rat propaganda trust me-me)

  9. Squigs are just pit bulls. Hunger all the the time but are nice most of the time outside of combat

  10. He's also done some Baldur's Gate challenges as well.

  11. 8:30 just so you know, some spells can be casted on walls, combine it with the great power of gravity and even the most high quality units will die, because they stood 2 feet to close to edge. Most of the time you'll know which spells can do this, as most wont even allow you to try them on walls

  12. 29:25 They have A LOT of army abilitys (4), but instead of getting them with black arcs like dark elfs, they get them by a defensive building. They are really strong and can make even a fight with an army full of laborers a pain in the buttocks. luckily auto-resolve doesnt give to much attention to army abilities.

  13. The greenskin circle of life is much more interesting in fantasy. For greenskin spores that they left behind in new land will first grow harmless mushrooms and snotlings, then come the squigs that eat the snotlings, goblin will then spawn and domesticate and hunt the squigs, and if there enough violence and conflict then orcs will spawn. Then they go to war and the cycle repeats

  14. 8:16 You are correct, there is fall damage and if a unit falls too far, they instantly die.

    Chaos Dwarfs do in fact, use spells, it's one of the things that sets them apart from nornal Dwarfs, but unfortunately embracing magic has A) eroded much of the biological resistance regular Dwarfs would have to magic, and B) not mixed well with whatever resistance was left. This results in them turning to stone, and once they begin to petrify, it's impossible to stop the process. Even though it might take hundreds of years (depending on the skill of the Sorcerer and their magic gear), the curse guarantees all Chaos Dwarf Sorcerers a horrific death.

    Belegar not getting dunked on by Wurrzag is surprising. There is a slight variance to how the AI acts each game, so not every faction will emerge victorius every time, but Belegar usually loses super hard to him, so he must gave gotten really unlucky to have Belegar do that well.

    Unfortunately I will have to dock Brilliant Stupidity an entire point for not using, and not even mentioning, Soopa-Squigs. They are the explosive squigs everyone knows and loves.

  15. brilliantlystupid another very funny warhammer creator

  16. squigs are like an all purpose tool, there are the giant squigoths that are squig behemoths, you have the anvil squigs in age of sigmar, you even have the hair squigs, for all the orks that want to look stylish (in 40k, if you see an ork with hair, thati's a hair squig)

  17. Best Squig is the Face Eater Squig. They aren’t for battle, they are for fun time.

  18. So the AI don't really get better. They just gain stat bonusen. Some good exemplet of this is Legendoftotalwar who has a series where people send in what seems to be unwinable senarios. Only for Legend to figure out a way to win them. Not sure if it would be good react content but his videos did make me a better player

  19. if you do decide to play greenskins i recommend grom the paunch he is very strong (i'am extremely biased)

  20. Actually chaos dwarfs can use magic, but they will eventually turn to stone, that is why one of the legendary lords is basically wearing a mech suit, his limbs are now solid stone

  21. Bagpipe Squigs are my favourite. Hair squig is pretty good too though.

  22. fall damage is definitely a thing and its why flying units are so good at clearing enemies from walls as they knock them back and because of the elevation of the wall just instantly kills them, can get some disgusting charge attacks with flying monster packs this way to get rid of 50% or more of a unit

    Belegar usually doesnt do too well, but those few times he begins to snowball is utterly terrifying

  23. kleaper recently did a video as cathey where he didnt recruit any units and just used his starting army to win the game (also theres very little cathey videos)

  24. I love Skarsnik and I love squigs. I really hope a future patch adds some of the missing squig types, like mangler squigs and colossal squigs.

  25. Played the Chameleon Skink lord for lizardos. By lategame, my whole army had stalk. Including all the casters/heroes on dinos.

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