VR News, Sales, Releases (W 40/21) Lynx R-1, Squid Game VR, Varjo Event, Canon EOS VR - squidgame.quest

VR News, Sales, Releases (W 40/21) Lynx R-1, Squid Game VR, Varjo Event, Canon EOS VR

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This week the VR and AR Weekly News are about Lynx R-1, Squid Game VR, Varjo Event, Canon EOS VR and the latest VR sales and releases.
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00:00 intro

00:32 Pico Neo 3 Pro Eye ($ 699 + $ 899)

02:17 Squid Game VR

03:26 Lynx R-1 Kickstarter

06:48 Oculess (Quest 2 without Facebok)

07:50 Canon EOS VR

08:54 Varjo event

09:43 Lone Echo 2

10:15 Releases

11:53 Sales

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  1. Enjoy your vacation man! The news can wait! ❤

  2. I love the truly honest reviews. Too bad you have to pay full price for the headsets.

  3. with the price of the pico neo 3 pro I'd rather go for a pimax 5k super since it costs only a little bit more

  4. I too backed the Lynx kickstarter. The lenses seem to be the novel feature. If developers create some apps that combine AR & VR, the Lynx R-1 can carve out a niche.

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