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Uphill Both Ways | DesiQuest Episode 5

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Will our DesiQuest crew survive a mountain battle?! 🏔️⚔️

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In this fifth episode of the South Asian mythology inspired TTRPG actual play, DesiQuest starring our DM (Jasmine Bhullar), and Sitara (Anjali Bhimani), Laddoo Auntie (Rekha Shankar), Murkha (Omar Najam), and Ash (Sandeep Parikh), we follow our adventurers as they escape – thanks to their dear friend’s sacrifice – from the domain of dread. Soon after, we meet Nuri (Erika Ishii), a stage manager of sorts, who ensures each year that Ringaali goes off without a hitch. How is Nuri coping with this year’s crisis?! Will our adventurers ever make it to Rak Tibba?!

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Our Artists:
DM: Jasmine Bhullar @thatbronzegirl
Sitara: Anjali Bhimani @sweeetanj
Laddoo Auntie: Rekha Shankar @rekhashankar
Murkha: Omar Najam @omarnajamfilm
Ash: Sandeep Parikh @sandeepparikh
Nuri: Erika Ishii @theerikaishii
Music: Aalok Mehta (@aaloksmehta) and John Piscitello ()
Character Art & Illustrations: @voodoo.val
Map Illustration: Alika Gupta ()

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  1. i love all the lore and worldbuilding and such detailed characters. like its so easy to immerse myself every episode

  2. So excited about the next episode. Genuinely looking forward to watching this every two weeks!

  3. My last job was as a simultaneous translator in a factory, and that was bad enough; more power to Erika’s character doing it in the wilds of an accursed forest 😂

  4. Man youtube autocaptions does not like indian word inflection 😒

  5. I'm ready for this 🙌 Erika can be such a little chaos goblin

  6. Super excited to see Erika in this awesome group. I'm looking forward to the chaos.

  7. Another guest incoming that will shake up the party 🎉 and keep everyone on their back foot.
    I really enjoy that about this table. 😄
    Awesome main cast and guest picks

  8. hey so an abandoned or scam storefront on gumroad is active and using your logo and old merch fyi.

  9. Love Erika! What a great guest. They always bring a great energy. You guys don't miss!

  10. "they SEETHE with it" is a fantaaaastic line!!! 🤯🤣

  11. Did you love Natasha? Want to see more of her?
    Click play asap and enjoy the chaos 😂 i loves this sweet elephant young lady blogger SO much

  12. Any show that has Erika in it, I immediately watch.

  13. Every episode I forget about Sandeep's German accent, and every episode it's a new joy to behold. Like hearing Christoph Waltz for the first time.

  14. This series has been excellent in literally every way! The characters, role-playing, visuals, audio, and editing are especially top-notch. Every guest has fit in so well, too.

  15. Great episode! Love all these colorful characters in this fantastic world <3

  16. They are trying so hard to get rid of Priya! 😆

  17. Re: Erika: tick tick tick tick tick tick tick…

  18. Unrelated to story thusfar, damn Jasmine has been slaying in all of her fits this campaign! I appreciate you serving every week, GM

  19. Erika! What an excellent episode! Also everyone's outfits are excellent! Excellence all around!

  20. WITCH streamer???? Jasmine Bhullar I LOVE you.

    Also, super excited for Erika

  21. this episode is so good, i watched it live and immediately rewatched it when it was finished airing

  22. "…I don't know you, and I've heard that you're white, … but I'm sure that you're great!" Hahaha! That was great Jasmine! Hahaha!

  23. That ending visual description of the spiders jumping through realms is the most magical thing 🤩

  24. I love the combat effects more than I can say. It's inspiring. Thanks.

  25. "I just want to formally apologize for using a flamethrower Eldritch canon on you…" Man I love DND. Marvelous!

  26. I have a feeling that if I start drinking every time there is a pun in this episode, I should pick chai, because with alcohol I'll get drunk very easily 😅

  27. I love the exchange between Erika & Jasmine that starts at 1:36:00, such a brilliant and insightful scene!

  28. Pani sounding like Chucky Finster brings me unbridled joy.

  29. one of my favorite parts of every episode are all of omar’s genuine reactions to everything. i’m usually gasping along with him 😂

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