Unravelling The Mystery of Ol' Peg The Giant Blue Ghoul Whale | Fallout Mystery - squidgame.quest

Unravelling The Mystery of Ol’ Peg The Giant Blue Ghoul Whale | Fallout Mystery

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Vault 120 mod:
Vault 120 video:
Ol’ Peg dialogue:

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  1. This is extremely plausible. All of it, from the beluga whale to the cut vault mission. Awesome stuff as always, my man.

  2. Fun fact the bulby squishy part of the beluga whales head is called the Melon

  3. More about far harbor the island 🏝 not just the institute

  4. Amazing video synonymous!
    Is anyone excited for the show next month!?

  5. I commented the Beluga whale sound alike as my theory on Epic Nate's video! I smiled so big seeing this thumbnail!

  6. "Hunt for the Ghoul Whale!"
    Has a porpoise as the thumbnail image

  7. Are courser synths made of flesh? And if so can they become ghouls?

  8. Is it bad that I hear "My granpappy was egging" and my brain immediately goes "Manslayer could work WONDERS with that line"

  9. That would have been the coolest quest on fallout 4 hands down. I wish they didn't have to cut content or at least keep working on it after the fact.

  10. I see Synonymous vid, I click. I can't believe we have to wait like 8+ years for another Fallout game.😞

  11. beluga whale and blue ghoul whale sounded the same haha

  12. How did the courier before you at Mojave Express know about the Platinum Chip?

    And where do all these damn Fresh Apples keep coming from?!?

  13. Fallout 4 is so lame. It had so much potential, only to focus on the shallowest aspects of the game. We need studio to give Fallout the GTA treatment. Two very similar games yet play very different.

  14. Ghoulified beluga whales should be called Beghoula whales

  15. Im putting my money on the cut content

  16. So some info from a modder: if you look in the CK, after you hear the "ghoul whale" speech, another resident of Bunker Hill will comment to you and tell you where to look…starting Here There Be Monsters for the Yangtze. It was always meant to be the Yangtze.

    Also the ghoul dolphins were involved in Vault 120 in some fashion: you can find their corpses litered all over it when it's backported from 76 to 4.

  17. I am so upset they didn't add vault 120 in. Fallout and Bioshock are my favorite games and to have had them both together?! Ugh so sad

  18. It’s just a theory… a GHOUL THEORY.

  19. Synonymous I just wanted to let you know that your videos are continuously perfect not too long, but also the perfect amount of information

  20. Great video but man this segment has really bad voice acting.

  21. the loss of 20'000 Leagues Under The Sea quest is easily the most upsetting one to lose. But with modders creating mods like Sim Settlements 1 and 2, Fallout London, Fallout 4 New Vegas, America Rising, Countless weapon and power armour mods, its not hard to believe that maybe someday, someone get a team together to recreate the cut quest.

  22. This games vibe just gets deeper and deeper the more people jump on the train.

  23. I have another Theory. It was actually Lizzo taking a Bath in the Harbor

  24. could have been exposed to FEV which we know causes massive growth and in the Ocean a body is under less strain to support itself (its why on land Behemoths dont get much bigger than they are as their bodys just cant take the strain of their size) so in theory it could be any Cetatean (even a Dolphn could be viable alongside the Beluga as we have in real life experimented with the intelligence and abilities of both) as FEV can alter its appearance.

  25. I teally wish they had used the ocean more, and made it more full of life. Specifically horrifying irradiated monsterous life. Wouldve prefered vault 120 over "another settlement needs your help"

  26. Ok, "giant beluga whale" becoming "giant blue ghoul whale" is the GOAT of Fallout theories.

  27. Why wouldn't there be ghoul whales? What makes humans so special among mammals? Stands to reason, if we can ghoulify, other mammals could too.

  28. I really like your theory! "beluga" turning into "blue ghoul" by mistake, Ol' Peg threatening the cephalopod overseer… That all sounds quite solid!

  29. Very good audible connection, friend.

  30. What fallout game is this from? I never remember running into a submarine in any game.

  31. That underwater quest areas that got cut from fallout 4 sound as if it would have been really good

  32. Doesn't make any sense, mirelirk eggs have no value in game

  33. "massive, bigger than anything you or I will ever see"
    Prydwen flies overhead

  34. i turned on god mode and walked all the way up and down the ocean in power armor.

    very sad when i found nothing 🙁

  35. I hate to say it but I highly doubt Bethesda thinks this deep

  36. Peg is definitely a refence to Pogo. Pogo sticks only really have the main body of the pogo stick, and the pegs on the side.

  37. Swear they should have done more with the ocean, after all radioactive particles are heavy and thus sink

  38. The whale bones that you can find on the beaches of far harbour are far too old to be recent, bones don’t get that clean and dark easily, takes a long time, like say 200+ years.

    Those bones are likely from whales who got killed from either the blast, tsunamis washing them ashore or just those that succumbed to the nuclear fallout and didn’t survive.

  39. Always thought it was just another prompt to find the Sub in case you missed the kid

  40. Hey I noticed that your marked men video comments are disabled can you explain why?

  41. Came for the fallout, stayed for the whale pics

  42. That’s just a theory, a fallout theory! Thanks for watching

  43. Quite frankly… As many unrealistic, and outlandish things exist in Fallout… I'm glad they didn't have a vault overseen by a "Giant Sentient Squid".
    Some more sea creatures (that are actually capable of fighting in the water) would most certainly have been cool.
    I mean…one of the scariest things about the ocean in general, and deep water in particular, is that it's populated with all manner of potentially dangerous life forms, both larger, and smaller, than we are!
    But in Fallout 4, all you need to do is take Aquaboy/girl, and the water becomes one of the safest places on the map. Animals can't attack in water, and you don't need to go very far out before guns become ineffective, and enemies begin to lose track of you.
    Having SOME SORT of threat out there would have been reasonable.

  44. Just a heads up when I say Atlantic, what I really mean is Arctic…yeah.

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