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Tug of war scene | Squid game

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Tug of war scene | Squid game



  1. MAJOR episode 9 spoilers

    Does anyone else question what would’ve happened to Il Nam if his team lost? He’s the head of the game, the guards don’t let him die

    you can't let go you got locks on your hands idiot

  3. It looks as if they’re twerking in one scene and if you watched the show with dubbed English, you missed out on a great show.

  4. Might as well tryyyyy. Now s our chance!!! That’s just so American lol

  5. Its sounds so shit in English. Thank god I watched in the original audio

  6. You know which side is going to win when all the main characters are on the same side😂

  7. The old man is like yea yea I've done this so many times I can just rest and the others are like AAÀAAAAAAAAAAAAAA

  8. It seems more difficult than the dalgona candy

  9. I really like this scene. I dunno, the old man's strategy (the twist is not real, the twist is not real, the twist is not real…) is super clever, seeing the whole team working together was really cool, especially considering that technically their odds made no sense. Sang-Woo coping up with a plan and getting backed up by Gi-Hun, who then was pulled back from the very edge, MY MAN ALI BEING THE ANCHOR OF THE TEAM BECAUSE HE'S JUST SO GODDAMN STRONG, IT WAS SO GREAT-

  10. American dub is soooo cringe

    Lets put up a Japanese accent to gove this Korean show some character

  11. shame you dont see them hitting the ground – could have made more of this scene – not enough terror as they go over the edge

  12. At exact 2:45 you can see something really interesting.

    Ali was at the end but the end of the rope is held by an extra person to make sure that the old man doesn't die

  13. I saw how they got there heads copt off so creepy

  14. I imagine what it feels like dying. I dream about playing the game and lost. I fell and remember everything blur and bloody and I looked up before my vision black out and died.

  15. 0:27 The rope behind Ali was pulled by something else, meaning Gihoon's team got a special help and they won't lose to other teams since the beginning 😂

  16. Seriously people watch this dubbed? Lmao come on..

  17. I think Sang woo was right to push the glass guy. The other characters reached the end with just a second left.

  18. It sound so weird in English . I have watched with original sound Korean . And I read subtitles . What is wrong with you ? You guys can’t read out?

  19. This scene is really good. Too bad it's ruined by the trash fucking dub lol.

  20. I think china and Korea definitely do something like this on the low already 💀

  21. I don't get it… Whats all the hype about it? It's definitely over hyped. I haven't seen anything about so far thats made me wanna watch it. Maybe Ive just watched the bad scenes

  22. I thought the dub was good not amazing but not that bad

  23. Dub is horrible lol how'd you guys watch this shit

  24. The old mans invoice for tug of war worked I tried it at a party and it works

  25. If you watched Squid Game in the English dub version you didn't watch Squid Game

  26. "WE MIGHT AS WELL TRY!!" He spoke calmly. Not kidding. At the "Try" part. The dubber sounded less louder than the clearly screaming actor.

  27. This show is embarrassing in English. Get a grip and watch it with subtitles people

  28. I like everything about this scene besides when the other team starts coming back and they lean forward to throw them off then pick back up further in a hole. That strategy would never work

  29. didnt nobody hear the garrys mod or half life 2 scream in the part where the other team fell and the other team was about to fall aswell with them

  30. Now I know the real thing in tug of war

  31. Best thing about this is that when Gi-Hun team was laying backwards and facing the roof to block the other team from pushing them, the other could've done Sangwoo's technique, walk a few steps forward and let Gi-hun team, who were leaning backwards, fall to the ground, then they can pull the rope easily as all the team members fell to the ground.

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