Treasure X Minecraft Battle The Ender Dragon 20 Levels Review -

Treasure X Minecraft Battle The Ender Dragon 20 Levels Review

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Treasure X Minecraft Battle The Ender Dragon 20 Levels Review! Dan at Squirrel Stampede takes on the Minecraft Treasure X Challenge of Battle The Ender Dragon! 20 Levels to explore the Stronghold Portal to The End, and Build and Battle the Ender Dragon and Steve in Diamond Armor! Explore the opportunity to get REAL GOLD Dipped Treasure inside the Dragons Egg! Dan and Squirrels enjoy many stages of exploration with this Activity Build!


  1. Hey how do your squirrel friends talk??

  2. What kind of Minecraft block never knows the truth never right

  3. Next time I go to target, I’m getting these

  4. I kind of feel like they are running out of ideas

  5. Hi Dan sorry but I have a question did you get the mini robots yet and also did you get the mega robot and where did you get the mini robots if you did

  6. Off topic, I want to mention a huge oversight regarding the robots line as a whole. I am not sure if it would be appropriate for this video, so if squirrel stampede is alright, i will share it. Please let me know.

  7. You just cant say that any treasure x set disapoints

  8. Not a fan of the designs in this series. But Still its great toy!

  9. Always love your videos I always watch them within 5 hour of when they come out

  10. Great video I love this ender dragon treasure X set keep up the good work Dan

  11. The purple compound is kinitec sand or like it

  12. this is so cool mind if you do what treasure X robots gold there is a new epic bot that's huge

  13. if anything gets wedged between my figures I like to use a toothpick

  14. you are so cool to watch and you are funny thank you for making these videos

  15. Bro you are just roasting the silver eye of ender I mean it's bad but Gold good but I got to agree with you on that cuz the silver eye nh mh

  16. Yay thank you for doing this I am excited to watch this

  17. ayyy im back umm can you do more roblox fig vids

  18. Hey SquirrelStampeda did you find anymore Bakugan Evolutions comment below thank you SquirrelStampeda

  19. I was here since the the bionicle videos was like 9 or 10

  20. Next time for your lego mario video can you do Big Bad Island and fuzzy flippers please

  21. you should probably review the treasure x robot gold meach

  22. Looks cool! Too bad about the treasure. No gold gets real old, am I right?

  23. You know, I think that it IS meant to be upside down – look at the snow after removing the overworld base 😉

  24. Hi dan its me again its so nice to see this vid its so awesome keep up the awesome content 😁😁😁😁

  25. Take that block Birch put it in your inventory jump thro' it in the void and jump in with it

  26. when he attaches the sword under steve "dirty mind activated"

  27. Oh dang I didn't see it Wal-Mart its too new then no!!!!!!!

  28. Or ever! Why walmart there being rude because we still have the onster

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