Treasure X Minecraft Battle The Ender Dragon 20 Levels Review -

Treasure X Minecraft Battle The Ender Dragon 20 Levels Review

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Treasure X Minecraft Battle The Ender Dragon 20 Levels Review! Dan at Squirrel Stampede takes on the Minecraft Treasure X Challenge of Battle The Ender Dragon! 20 Levels to explore the Stronghold Portal to The End, and Build and Battle the Ender Dragon and Steve in Diamond Armor! Explore the opportunity to get REAL GOLD Dipped Treasure inside the Dragons Egg! Dan and Squirrels enjoy many stages of exploration with this Activity Build!


  1. I love your videos I am subscribed to your channel

  2. Make a video with to get The old Minecraft set the first one you better get the golden Chi dictator

  3. It’s my birthday soon and you is giving me a lot of ideas so thank you

  4. There's a new 3 in 1 combo for pvz2 zombie robots!

  5. lf you do not wanna use an aqua potion then use a super glue to easily stick within those pieces Dan.. and also you better ACKNOWLEDGE ME!!!

  6. Right now I don’t think an ender man should come

  7. Right now I don’t think an ender man should come💧🌧☔️⛈🌂🌦

  8. This definitely is a cool set, but I fear it may mark the end of this series, like most playsets end treasure x series. I'd be really bummed if we didn't get the warden

  9. Me and my brother used to watch this channel a lot years ago
    and we still love your videos!

  10. Hey Dan Whay you are not dowing a vidéo of fortnite toys

  11. I love this its so cool where you need to dig in the end portal!

  12. Yeah me and one of my brothers once got a treasure X season one mini box for a gift, and he got a strider and used the water, but I got an enderman and didn’t use aqua so the face kept going off, I think I’m gonna add water now

  13. Landry the squirrel didn't fall into the end he tried to swim in lava which is directly under the end portal if the portal is not activated you just fall through the frames and into the lava it seems Landry jumped right after you activated the portal and just barely escaped the lava.

  14. This is the most cringe experience I have ever witnessed also a word of advice stop talking like a robot

  15. That is a nether right sword you can literally tell it’s another right sword it’s black it’s gray and it has a hint of dark purple how can you not tell!

  16. I remember this when I was little good times

  17. No offense but my guy sounds like he’s being held captive with a gun on his head

  18. Hey Dan I got a diamond steve on my bey first pack I was so surprised

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