Top 30 Most Satisfying Revenge Kills in TV History -

Top 30 Most Satisfying Revenge Kills in TV History
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Revenge is a dish best served on the small screen! Welcome to WatchMojo, and today we’re counting down our picks for the most memorable television moments where despicable villains got exactly what was coming to them. Beware of spoilers! Our countdown includes scenes from shows “Supernatural”, “Westworld”, “Spartacus” and more! What’s your favorite TV revenge death? Let us know if it made our list in the comments below!

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  1. The whole limiting yourself to one entry per series is so stupid and make all those lists really invalid!

  2. Banshee spoilers!

    When Hood kills Albino

  3. Fantastic video Rebecca from watch mojo of the best revenge death in tv history ever,marvellous job.

  4. Opie killing Agent Staahl was way better than Jax and Gemma…

  5. it wasnt the bullet that killed Tera, it was the bullet Willow took out of Buffy to save her life that she used to torture Warren.

  6. I don’t know about most of these, but I definitely don’t agree with 26.

  7. I think they got the Breaking Bad one wrong. Gus killing Eladio was the actual satisfying revenge kill. Also Tony Blundetto being on this list makes no sense – that was a mercy kill not a revenge kill. Ralphie would make way more sense on here.

  8. June Osborne and the free Handmaids who got their revenge on Fred Waterford in The Handmaids Tale . It was a sweet revenge and justice for June and the other Handmaids who suffered the same hell .

  9. Everyone also loved when Charlotte lost her powers in "H20: Just Add Water" the season 2 finale.

  10. Everyone also loved when Charlotte lost her powers in "H20: Just Add Water" the season 2 finale.

  11. SOA has SO many revenge scenes that I can understand you only allowing one, problem is it’s not the best one.

  12. How is Walt killing Jack or Jesse killing Todd not even listed? Much less, how are they not #1?

  13. Glad you put Black Sails in this list. Underrated show.

  14. I feel like Glaber's death in spartacus was more euphoric than Batiatus's death. Batiatus was a conniving treacherous swindler, but John Hanna played him with so much charm and smarm you couldn't help but love him a bit. Glaber however was a bastard prick right from the very beginning, being the one who originally ripped Sora from spartacus's life and selling her to slavery. And stuck around to menace over Spartacus and the slaves much longer than Batiatus did, making for a much more developed lead to his demise.

  15. Patrick killing Red John at 28 is criminal. Definitely top 5.

  16. I didn’t know the guy from Law and Order was on Handmaids Tale

  17. Bro the blood eagle in Viking…..I couldn’t watch

  18. Wait a minute. How could you possibly leave out NCIS? That has its fair share of revenge kills. Such as Fornell gunning down Diane's killer, Sergei Mishin. Or Ziva throwing Eli Bodner, the murderer of her father and Jackie Vance off the side of a ship. Or Gibbs sniping Pedro Hernandez. But the most satisfying has got to be Gibbs, McGee, Ellie Bishop, Sarah Monroe, Clayton Reeves, and of course Tony, unloading a hail of fire into Trent Kort after they believe he is responsible for Ziva's death. As McGee put it, "Of course it's personal. It's Ziva."

  19. Anthony Edward's character not using the defibrillator on the abusive father in the elevator on ER

  20. The feminist commentary is getting a bit much. We know, rape is bad and consent is needed. Can you just get back to the top 10s now.

  21. Yes! 🎉 Number One was wonderfully executed!

  22. 27:27 Couldn't disagree more…Savino was a minor character in the series. There are only two correct answers here: 1. Slim Charles killing Cheese for setting Prop Joe up.
    2. Omar and Brother Mouzone killing Stringer Bell!
    Come at me.

  23. Is it me…or did they pick almost every single show…

    That i didn't care enough to watch a single episode.

  24. Man, I gotta be honest.. half the reason I watch WatchMojo is because of this woman's voice. I don't even know who she is, but her voice is so… I don't know… calming, sexy, nice, mysterious, everything. Btw, The Mentalist's Red John death was kinda BS.

  25. Gus straightening his tie and turning to see half his face gone was a jaw on the floor moment for sure. -Breaking Bad. Also, yes Jesse killing Todd was just as satisfying.

  26. Or…did Jessica actually kill Kilgrave? Or just what he wanted her to see.

  27. My favorite was when Chachi killed spike on happy days

  28. tony killing tony b……was not a revenge kill. you people suck

  29. The tony B kill was mercy rather than let Phil get him and make it last days and it brought back the peace whilst Johnny sack was still in power.

  30. Arya killing little finger was my most satisfying revenge kill.

  31. Hey! You forgot my favorite TV revenge death! It was on the original Magnum P.I. TV show with Tom Sellick in the episode "Did you see the sunrise?" Magnum's Navy friend Mac friend gets murdered by a Russian spy code named 'Ivan'. Good guy Magnum, instead of turning Ivan over to Navel Intelligence, lures him into a trap and uncharacteristically blows Ivan away with his service .45. The final scene was a freeze frame of the .45's muzzle flash and Magnum's cold eyes. IT WAS AWESOME!

  32. The most satisfying TV death that never happened, but should have, was when Don West of Lost in Space, shoves Dr. Smith out of the air lock of the Jupiter 2 for all of the sh*t he put the Robinson family through! 🙂

  33. "Hello, my name is Inigo Montoya. You killed my father. Prepare to die!"

  34. More vindicating than an execution anyway. . .

  35. I’m not convinced that sex would be the most horrible thing possible, at least from my perspective

  36. Tony Blundetto being on this list feels weird as hell

  37. Sorry, Dean killing the Steins was much more satisfying.

  38. my first thought was Dean killing the Stein family; definitely more bad a** comparing the two, but I can see why Azazel's death was on here instead. Going after him was the whole catalyst of the show, why it started

  39. Wow. They totally left out Thomas Magnum shooting Ivan.

  40. What about Charlie Crews killing Roman Nevikov "Life"? Mulder finally killing Cancer Man/Cigarette Smoking Man, "X-Files?

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