ToGC Deep Dive - Breakdown on EVERY boss - The Classic Life EP 35 w/ Sarthe, Joardee & Cosmo -

ToGC Deep Dive – Breakdown on EVERY boss – The Classic Life EP 35 w/ Sarthe, Joardee & Cosmo

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Hey Guys. After a little bit of a haitus, Classic Life is back in full swing! This weeks EP is all about Phase 3 and the new raid, Trial of the Grand Crusader. Grab you’re popcorn, kick your feet up and vibe out while Me, Sarthe, Joardee and Cosmo go over every boss with in depth tactics as well as an amazing spreadsheet that’ll you’ll want to get ASAP! See you next week for our Hardcore Series!!

Link to Cosmos Spreadsheet! Join his Discord and it will be linked right there. He loves feedback on it as well, so don’t be shy!

Joardee’s YT, where you can find all the guides!! –

0:00 – Intro
11:00 – Joyous Journey
18:00 – WoW Token
37:00 – Hardcore server announcement.
45:30 – ToGC PTR
52:31 – Cosmo’s sheet
59:00 – Beasts of Northrend
1:24:00 – Lord Jarraxus
1:38:00 – Faction Champs
2:02:02 – Twin Valks
2:19:14 – Anub
2:42:00 – What classes will excel/ Top three classes
2:46:00 – How does Tier 9 work and who should get it first
2:58:00 – Closing


  1. I hear you on the gold thing. Back when, we used to have so much to do. You could farm gold, you could do dungeons for that rare item for mains/alts/friends, you could level an alt, you could work on rep for that bis enchant, or even do an old raid cuz Onslaught was bis til NaxxNow we have… raid log. Gold is irrelevant, dungeons are for only old gear and replacements/alternatives are very high, alts are JJ'ed easily to where you're now set, rep is so easy to get, that everyone was done ph1 with no additional reps with bis anything in any future phases, and there is no Onslaught equiv in Naxx25 to incentivize mains to go back

  2. I’m on the Mankrik server too ☺️

  3. wow, there are L takes, Joardee and there is "I want everyone to HAVE to spend thousands of gold every raid". "Chronoboon was so good". No, maybe ppl who play this game 24/7 for a decade think that, but no normal player wants ot farm buffs and gold for hours.

  4. I'm relatively okay with the token being introduced, but I want it followed with more aggressive of banning gold sellers, buyers but most importantly people using bot software. I want Blizzard to invest at least some of the 5dollar/euro cut into stationing people on the major realm outside of places like Botanica and just ban ban ban.
    Gold selling and buying will happen so Blizzard providing a legitimate way for players to have that exchange with each other is fine. But they gotta get more aggressive with the bots.

  5. blizz shills ”content creators” coming out in defense of token/goldbuying/p2w, what a surprise…

  6. Gunna watch this later, but I'm glad to see this podcast back!

  7. The argument of the gold cost of classic raiding is mostly irrelevant to wotlk gdkps and paid item progression. Consumes for naxx were relatively expensive as the mats were bottlenecked by nodes and botting. Problem for wotlk is that gdkps continue to rise and guilds are more rare. The game becomes a pay to get items progression and it's hard to opt out if far more of the pve population participate in gdkp than otherwise. Not to say SR or Ms/OS and rolling is necessarily a better system, but it's easier for more hardcore players to say that tokens don't affect them when they are all tied to the major gdkp orgs on their servers and use gdkps to run splits and gear up multiple chars. Gold for them is a means for them to compete as a raid, whereas gold for the individual is the only option for item progression that quantity can be made contrived when people can spend more money than them

  8. Token………………..good for guys. good bye blizzard. Welcome to token to vanilla. hopefully you guys have a career outside blizz.

  9. Hopefully the sheet is better than his half-ass Ulduar one

  10. Great content as always Crix! Keep up the good work brother

  11. Didnt know Sarthe and Crix was brothers before today!

  12. Great episode. Great to see you back at it Crix. Big hype for Joardee and Cosmo working together to sync the assignment sheet with the fight strats in the vids. Sarthe always with the melee deep dives. Well done

  13. Add something very expensive that temporary increases your power so you need it for every raid? How could anyone think thats a good suggestion? Thats right, lets make buying gold legally or otherwise a requirement for raiding. Makes so much sense. Also world buffs are apparently amazing now? Very confused by some takes. The whole speedrunning argument reminds me WFR on retail but least retail top players have enough self awareness to always say "don't design the game for us, design it for an average player". So it's weird to hear them asking to adjust the game for third party web sites and 0.1% of the player base.

  14. As a hunter how am I supposed to do good damage on twins? In PTR they didn’t activate traps no matter where I placed it and I’m assigned to soak which means I don’t have any of the debuffs on the boss because it’s a different target then everyone else has. Also what ability are you guys referring to as a cd to survive? I tried using deterrence and it doesn’t help you take less damage and I still died often.

  15. Love your sheets @Cosmophile keep it up, bro!

  16. As a gold maker, whom had millions of gold the first time tokens came into play, I love the tokens. The hacking, selling all your gear and stealing all your gold was intense before the token. The token relatively solved that problem. Blizzard doesn't make that much from the service. They connect a buyer to a seller and collect an extra $5 to do so. I like that I can then buy tokens and get free game time. Another thing the token does is it makes it easier to earn gold. Many players are removed from the gold making grind, they buy tokens instead. That means I have more opportunity to sell trade goods on the AH. On my fucking Mankrik server, running that fucking original naxx, I would have killed for this token. All week long of grinding to get the $300 gold to buy one fucking flask, with so many more fucking consumes to grind each week. It was bullshit. It was unsustainable to grind that much for those expensive consumes on a weekly basis.

  17. There's an algorithm for targets picked on faction champs. combines CCs done/damage/healing done and current Health point % vs max HP. You can technically have a blood DK in tank gear glyph heart strike and spam it and instruct healers to keep him below 40% hp or so and the mobs will prefer to target him. in OG wotlk my guild did this and he tanked 4+ mobs the whole fight.

  18. I would love for them to put in more dual specs

  19. You guys bitch about bots but you dont understand the wow economy. Bots are actually good for the economy …….

  20. You did a time sensitive discord invite in description and your comment.

  21. Cosmo just said it like it is…Y'all are playing on GDKP's that are paid for with RMT gold, even tho none of u bought the gold(Hmmm), u ARE getting the cut from someone who bought it, if u play in a GDKP y'all are part of the RMT system. Cool to see how everyone were dead quiet during his speech. Realistic there is no reason to drama over this…Great episode tho!!

  22. faction champs is going to be the boss that is going to make me HATE being on push to talk on discord

  23. I absolutely agree, the game needs a gold sink. However, the ideas suggested here are sus. I have a hard time seeing how the hundreds of gold cost for each week of raiding is healthy. IMO that would encourage even more gold buying.

  24. yoyo ! The invite is not working anymore ! I would be happy to join you guys ! 😀
    Also, the sheet and the loot prio ?
    Thank for your job, it's helping a lot !

  25. Gold sink for raiding would not affect big spenders at all and would punish poors 100x more than they already are punished. It would further incentivize buying gold, botting, gdkping. It would literally just make the problem much worse and have zero benefit. There is NO WAY to out sink the bots. They fam millions of gold every day. Youre not going to sink more than they inject into the game without screwing over the bottom 99% of the playerbase who cant get into the million pot gdkps. Average payout for a median player id bet is like 5-6k, if you made raiding cost 5-6k a week a lot of casuals would quit the game.

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