This Match Was Close! | Alpine | GOLF+ Quest 2 Gameplay -

This Match Was Close! | Alpine | GOLF+ Quest 2 Gameplay

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This week we decide to hop back into Alpine for an 18 hole match between myself and Squid. It’s been a great map to play and I was super excited to hop in with him to play a match. I wanted to see if I could keep up with him during a round of match play. I hope you all enjoy the Golf+ content! If you have any suggestions on new challenges to do please let me know!

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  1. Hey bro, been watching a shit ton of your vids… Do you still not have a DeadEyeVR weighted club?!?!?! It’s an absolute NECESSITY! Once you play a round w/ one you’ll sicken yourself with how long you’ve been using the motion controller by itself!

  2. Fun video but very shaky cam, did you forget to put the stabilizer on?

  3. Could you maybe do a guide on how to get better for beginners?

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