THIS Is What Got People In To Warcraft -

THIS Is What Got People In To Warcraft

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  1. These MMOs no longer know how to handle loot drops, they've become too corrupt with greed and delusion. Also WoW dropped everything that ever made sense, glyphs, reforging, titanforging, anything that made any sense whatsoever they just got rid of it. They're just become corrupt and stupid in the head, there's no other way to put it.

  2. WoD wanted to be a good story, but it just never came to be.

  3. so im guessing its safe to say y'all just 100% dropped making FFXIV content. Just gonna keep endlessly complaining about WoW being bad.

  4. Warcraft RTS games built the world.
    World of Warcraft brought that world to life.
    Their story took a turn for the worse when they ran out of Warcraft 3 lore paths to follow.

  5. You'd like to think that they could present a void-centric expac in a way that won't make people furious. But it should be remembered that this is the team that presented a mobile game and then said live on stage 'you guys don't have phones?'

    So I don't think it's a given these guys know how to communicate properly even at this late hour.

  6. WoW has gone woke af and it sucks, remember the OG days when Horde and Alliance hated each other and were constantly fighting, or how about how good WC2/3 were not to mention the Frozen Throne xpac for WC3 – Nowadays its all gay lovey dovey bs, romances, holding hands and no war at all, sucks so bad.

  7. The blood elves didn't ruin Warcraft. Blizzard ruined the blood elves by watering them down. They have no monstrous edge anymore, either on the outside or on the inside. They just went back to being generic high elves, as opposed to magic-drinking anti-heroes.

  8. As a TBC kid, I totally agree with you on the cosmic stuff. It CAN be done well in small doses, and I love space-fantasy, but the way they're going about it is so….BAD, and it just ends up making the Warcraft universe feel small, rigid, and inconsistent.

    Cosmic lore should make your universe feel BIG. It should fill you with wonder and mystery and give you a sense of just how vast the setting is. But you can't forget the mystery, the wonder, or the human element.

    Also, I do agree that TBC was narrative garbage, but I LOVED the worldbuilding. RIP Kael'thas :[

  9. Citizens of Azeroth! You must sacrifice your first born in the name of The Light!

  10. make it like the movie treasure planet that could fit in wow universe

  11. As long as the new writers are doing their damnest and want to re-write everything that was in the past, the game will always be against itself. If the game has set up something +10 years ago the modern narative has to 1st go and fuck that up and then create their own NEW way to explain that but it feels rushed and shit

  12. In 40k in the 80s, The Horus Heresy was just a thing shoe-horned in to justify having two of the same titan facing off against each other. Now, it's their third mainstream brand alongside 40k and AoS. They just need to do what GW did with the heresy, develop it with care and it can be big enough to stand on its own.

    …RIP Alan Bligh…

  13. So my comment was deleted.Again,VAMPIRES AND DRACULA WERE ROMANIAN NOT BRITISH.
    Is normal that their british is broken,cause its not their first language.
    Revendreath was great coming from someone with vampire heritage.

  14. From a day one player..57 yrs old….Most things past BC and WotLK left so much content unfinished. It reminds me of building a new wing on your home because the old rooms were rushed and half arsed. It has gotten do bad in later expansions that retconned story lines were piled on top of "classic" content when WoW2 would have been a more prudent move.
    By this I mean I like to finish a book , movie or job before starting in a new direction. This has lead alot of us to abandon this vomited yearly expansion content in order to seek the original game direction.
    I would prefer old story fleshed out with resolution. Parallel story expansion and less screwy time dialation/strech to provide max money spent for too many expansion releases and game store gimmiks.
    Once classics get old. I think I.m out. Too much too late . If they keep rapid firing releases to milk out my wallet and not enthrall my mind…I think they want me to watch then do bad things to their offspring.
    It is simply horrible and gross to watch. The idea was realised and perverted for cash /puke

  15. I REALLY don't like this post-modern approach to Light and Void. Absolute Good and Absolute Evil are NOT bad tropes: they've been the cornerstone of mythology from the day we climbed down from the trees. Especially because with this modern Warcraft writing team, you know – you just KNOW – it'll devolve into "RELIGION BAD" claptrap.

  16. The old blizz is dead and they will never be able to recapture that lightning in a bottle. All there will be is more micro transactions and more P2W BS

  17. The problem with Blizzard's WoW writing for a long time has been, that they tell singular disjointed stories, instead of the story of the world where the characters just happen to live in.

    For example: every expansion's main story is an isolated chapter, disjointed from what came and happened in the world before it. So is every side/zone quest, which are disjointed from what came before them AND the main story of that expansion on top of it. All of this makes the world feel unorganic, empty, and shoehorned in. This makes getting invested in the Warcraft lore so hard these days. The only good parts of story in recent history have been singular pieces, mostly carried by one character: for example Denathrius.

  18. As a returning player who quit at Cata originally, Ive just reached Aberrus in the story(what 30 hours in?) I am legit embarrassed to recommend this game to my friends, the new dragon race are.. unconnect-to-able? their faces dont have expressions, just do the cinematics in their visage forms, the Niffen moles, like why am I questing with teddy bears. The story so cute and predictable. Where are the ORCS, TROLLS, UNDEAD, If I can party with ORCS why cant I get quests from one. I feel there's a conflict but this is not my fight.

  19. Blizzard is basically pushing wokeism.

    New female characters are notably more masculine, while new male characters are more feminine. Even the voice acting in Dragon Isles reflects that.

    From quest titles like "Eagle-itarian" to ones with some male npc wanting me to bring flowers to his husband (glad this wasn't a campaign quest as I refused to take part in it) Blizzard is-like 99% of businesses nowadays-pushing the narrative of a far left utopia.

    I wish they had a strict policy for all their writers to leave their political views out of the game.

  20. Ya need some skinny nerds that draw boobs in their spare time . The kind of people who will never get laid . Let them design the lore. And the general direction. I’m not kidding

  21. Blood and Thunder > Furry happy safe space time

  22. We need the whole blizzard staff to go and meditate in the room of the upsidedown sinners for a lil while.

  23. Dude they can't even say male and female in the character selection screen. Blizzard has gone too pc and woke imo. They are too sensitive and afraid of pissing minority groups off who are perpetually offended anyway.

  24. Well.. you know.. ppl are fed up from 'there is only war' .. everyone finds warhammer 40K nice and cool.. but NOBODY wants to live there. With WoW its the same thing. You cant have the biggest factions have on each others throats for so long. The narative is lost on many ppl.
    The glory old days from wow were, when it was all new and fun and such.. but neverending war.. is no fun.

  25. im just tired of the cosmic titan/void shit. I want the old stuff like Evil dragons, dark factions like the dark horde, bandits, etc etc.

  26. I think keeping Thrall around was the smart move. As there really isn't that many OG Leaders left and the orcs are extremely lacking in orc characters. Especially now. I will say they may have gone a bit too far in places with him, especially in Cataclysm. They're shaping to handle him a lot better wthin Dragonflight in the heritage questchain.

  27. Hey does anyone know where i can watch their streams i work long hours delivering dtuff and wanna just chill for 3-4 hours sometimes.

    I cant seem to find the link to it and im oblivous

  28. Before i watch: Based off the tumbnail alone, Blizzard had tried and failed multiple times to do Horde v Alliance storylines/PvE. To do HvA proper you need to either do forced world PvP or use NPCs to do it. In both cases it fails. In the former, PvE players will resent you for it and not engage with it as much as possible. In the latter, we just get bored and it never feels like a real war.
    This isn't even touching on how they have no clue how to write a war story that doesn't have a clear bad guy. They promised a WW1 kind of story with BFA and we got Sylvanas turning into Hitler on the prelaunch.
    P.S. This isn't a problem unique to Blizz, most entertainment entities can't write a story where there are no good/bad guys just different points of view.

  29. Space is completely fine and arguably one of the most authentically Warcraft thing – I mean the Orc vs. Human story is a planetary invasion story. The problems really arose in the last patch of Battle for Azeroth and its representation of the void and the entirety of Shadowlands when we went into the literal afterlife and it was handled with the deftness of a semitruck.

  30. theyve killed all the lore, they need a reckless miracle and truly innovate what it means to play an mmorpg

  31. I think one of the reasons Garrosh is still held in relatively high regard, is he really felt like a WARCRAFT character. It's not necessarily as clean cut as "we need more heroes and villains", but those characters that feel more grounded for the world they have. Not every villain needs to be "larger than life", cosmic-level threat; you can just have characters that are assholes, and that's still pretty compelling. And maybe a little nuance of having "allies" that are warmongers, but are able to use violence for positive changes. I mean, Thrall was a pretty tough dude at one point, and it made him feel like a true leader, not just "the ultimate good guy".

    As far as Yrel, I hope there's some nuance there as well, not just "holy zealots" again. We already had the Scarlet Monastery, and while I wouldn't mind a brief revival of them, but as far as the Lightbound being a main antagonist, I don't feel like it would be super interesting. And let's be real; they would get DIRECTLY compared to FFXIV's Shadowbringers expansion, and that's a pretty tall order to have to compare yourself against.

    I honestly just want to see the whole "Cosmology" stuff get thrown into the trash bin. Have everything culminate in some "final battle" that destroys everything, but the spirit of Azeroth (the Titan) awakens and preserves us, and we "awaken" thousands of years later, when nature and all kinds of new threats have reclaimed the land. All the races have split off into small, tribal factions again, and just go more traditional fantasy with things again.

  32. they should have never allowed paladins to be on horde, and shaman on alliance… they needed to keep that distinct difference between the 2 factions.

  33. It would be awesome if the light had a schism. Moderates vs fundamentalist. May help with the plot as to how the humans light is different from the light bound

  34. Blizzard can very much fix their trajectory & fix WoW

    They’d have to retcon everything post Legion to be a vision of Velen’s as they’re flying back to Azeroth.
    Follow through with the plot point made after the Broken Shore that the factions are broken and the Order Halls are the new status quo in terms of power struggles.
    And follow through with the ramifications of the sword being the existential threat to the planet that it is & give Aszhara and the Old Gods an xpac each to flesh out their stories instead of one patch each that’s swiftly thrown away. SL doesn’t ever happen because the WoW is better when the afterlife is left vague.

    There cannot reasonably be any continuation that matters through with factions of humans & orcs like the old Warcraft. It’s been ignored for so long that it makes little sense to suddenly put emphasis on it 15+ years later within the context of Alliance & Horde. But you can retain that history through individual characters and have tons of fun and interesting character and faction interactions with the diverse combos of characters in the new era order hall power struggles.
    After a few expansions of rebuilding, they can absolutely make Stormwind & Orgrimmar major players in terms of power and status.

  35. i dont think anduin ruined shit, he makes sense being the sensitive leader what ruined shit was turning everything into him from side quest characters to other main characters, anduin is alliance thrall just ass garrosh was a parallel with varyian. they bruned the tree fucked up the execution of that story and now they just make shit for 12 year olds. idc what anyone says burning the tree was a badass moment in the story it was brutal i felt it it hurt but its execution was horrible, they bchanged sylvanas story and reasoning like 20 times startong with shes grey and doing everyhting for a reason then oh shes just evil to oh shes not evil she doing evil things and is split in two but isnt evil but has no reason? then they scuffed saurfang but his redemption was good. more brutal shit is needed let twitter loser cry someone got raped in a game let them cry we genocided another race and/or destroyed its home, let them cry that another mana bomb went off, let them bitch and make the story good

  36. If they ever do horde vs alliance storyline again I'm quitting. So tired of that same storyline. I liked it best when the horde and alliance were teaming up vs a greater threat, and thats not even out of the scope of "legacy" warcraft. they teamed up to fight the undead AND the legion in WC3. Thats also the warcraft game most people remember, not WC1 and 2, and the WC with the most developed story and the one that set the stage for WoW. They've teamed up with each other so much that it feels forced when they fight again.

    I would love for them to focus on more of the different groups of existing races instead of constantly inventing several new ones each expansion. I guess thats one thing I do like about dragonflight. No new races. a new faction of centaurs, a super old race. A new faction of Tuskaar, been in there since Wrath. The Niffen are the only new race introduced. They have been slightly talking about the forsaken and humans mending the divide and reaching out to old loved ones. The orc quest brought all the clans back together that haven't been mentioned in years, maybe a decade for some. Give us dragonmaw color skins, I can join the clan if I want now even.

    My biggest problem with Shadowlands is its a really cool setting and a really cool expansion (except for some of the end game shit which was terrible), but it feels so disjointed from everything else. BC and Draenor might have not been azeroth, but they are both intrinsically tied to every single warcraft game, and we keep coming back to characters from both. Besides 1 or 2 quests here and there where you need to go to shadowlands for help with a thing or two, theres no mention of them and we're never going to see them again. They can't. They're dead. They can't give us an allied race or have the Venthyr or the sprite people come and join us in Azeroth. Its a really cool setting and some of the coolest armor/weapons/mounts/pets we have in the game, it just was a bad expansion for warcraft.

  37. The bloodelf concept was handled poorly. They originally were a perfect fit for the Horde with their tragic history and “by all means necessary” survive mentality. We also need to note that if they had just fixed multiple issues with Horde race models earlier on to be more appealing (it literally should not have taken THAT long for upright orcs), than more people would have played those races rather than go to the pretty and new bloodelf model. Looking at the Horde now though? It’s filled with the “redeemed” blood elves in almost every dungeon (Vulpera too). Bloodelves remained so appealing as a model for so long that it became core, but also add in that they lost their edge, so what are they but high elves running around in the Horde now.

  38. I've just bought reforged Wc3 and played through the campaign, Garithos is a great character 😀

  39. As much as some new races are cool and interesting, I think the world now has too many races. Why couldn't the nightborne just be highborne night elves? Will the development of the niffen go anywhere beyond dragonflight? Etc

  40. Irrelevant, the game is dead and only pay to win enjoyers play this shit now.

  41. Especially if light is gonna be much more evil in the upcoming thing

  42. Chasing past successes will always make the game fail. Did you learn nothing from BfA?

  43. The lack of intensity makes me think of older kids cartoons. Because you can’t kill people in a kids show writers had to come up with situation to approach a death like coma, paralysed, corrupted etc, wow is the opposite, they are free to make things as evil as they want but just do corruption, banishment, imprisoned for people who do deeds that either don’t kill anyone or are easily undone

  44. Metzen's Warcraft was always badass, he knew what to do with the lore, the art, the voice acting and all the rest of that shit to make it rule.

  45. Classic isnt perfect but its a hell of alot more fun than retail….Why? simplicity….

  46. The last thing I care about is whether orcs and humans hate each other and fight all the time. What I do care about is if my friends and I can jump in a run a dungeon or raid and it not feel like its a job to take part in it. Ian needs to move on. Game needs to refocus on the bulk of the player base and not the top end players.

  47. they retconned the lore that has been going for a very long time, they released 3 books that i bought that were meant to be the history of the wc universe then said nah only from the titans point of view. lore wise theyve ruined the game for me. The game is too diverse in its races and i don't mean the humans. there's just too many members of the sentient menagerie now.

  48. The biggest problem is that blizzard forgets that a good story dosnt have anything to do with your politics. The best villains are racist, misogynist, cold. When you always just make villains good guys with one character flaw that is I’m not on your side it just dosnt work

  49. Thing I hate about this expansion is that the new mega cool DRAGON race has you playing this skinny, androgynous, gay lizard thing and as you’re running around there are actual cool, bulky, burly dragon humanoids. Wtf Blizz

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