This Is The Most Fun I've Ever Had In Rec Room VR! -

This Is The Most Fun I’ve Ever Had In Rec Room VR!

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Today its time for funny moments in Rec Room’s best mini games like paintball, rec royale, rec rally and stunt runner. I’m going to dive in with my Meta Quest 2 and show you what makes this VR social game so unique.

00:00 – Intro
01:00 – Nathie’s Dorm in Rec Room
01:26 – Rec Room Rec Center
02:58 – Rec Room Paintball
05:15 – Rec Room Rec Royale
07:10 – Rec Room Rec Rally
09:22 – Rec Room Stunt Runner
11:08 – Outro

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  1. I'm king from RR and he is a good YouTuber and is pretty cool

  2. Remeber 20years nathie love your content I have for the last 6 years keep ip the great work you now it's me when I say 20 years

  3. 3:28 when you said come to papa got me dead of laughing🤣🤣🤣

    And I joined your game when you said that if I like this video and comment and subscribe you will gift me so my username is


  4. damn, i remember this guy playing warrock back in the days. now has 700k subscribers.. anyway Nathie I have a question, I'd like to upgrade my vr system from HTC Vive into Qculus Quest 2. What changes do I have to prepare?

  5. Good day for the birthday shoutout I am not able to.I ❤️❤️😃😃

  6. I think that might be my friend stream vr

  7. Gyro down keep xuddi map just hurry just FF FF buddy cyst been by Yee just debug see HUGGY see s'est Yee jeu been help great need hydro just hurry hurry yep RECROOM gyro grill 5:00

  8. Tip if you drink a bottle from your head it’s more faster

  9. YOOO THATS ME 7:11, I had a great time racing with you even tho you were lacking in skill 😂

  10. I joined you when you were on Nathie arcade!

  11. It's cool they added high five. Easy way to interact with each other

  12. And then I saw her face I’m A believer I’m a believer

  13. I dont know why lonewolf unfriended me on oculus and rec room for no reason:(

  14. Nathie you're the reason I chose vr over Playstation now I'm getting it after 4 days maybe unless I get my final reports straight A's wish me luck and I added you my username is suscat6_vr

  15. Hi u will play among us on vr or no no

  16. But does voice chat automatically appear on psvr?

  17. Yes Rec Room is the best place to have fun!

  18. I wish I can play recroom on my phone but my phone not showing the game

  19. Wait im your friend… you remember me?
    You always played recroom

  20. I'm not much good at this once I log in how do find Nathie and support him? Thanks!

  21. When I clicked this video I got a rec room ad 😂

  22. Nathie it’s me wild panda you make a fortune out of your videos keep it up

  23. Your arcade is kind of cool and i like it you should definitly meet theirs mod they are friendly as heck

  24. So funn! Rec room is absolutely my favorite game!

  25. Nathie hiii I’m such a big fan I will support y rn on rr

  26. HOPE the psvr2 from ps5 will support rec room

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