Things are CHANGING in PHASE 3 Season of Discovery Classic WoW -

Things are CHANGING in PHASE 3 Season of Discovery Classic WoW

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Going over some Season of Discovery Phase 3 news and info in the Metagoblin video! Enjoy!

➤Metagoblin’s Video:


  1. melee hunter out dpsing warriors XD great game design

  2. I don't know why, but i'm just really not enjoying SoD, and now classic era is dead too so i'm stuck in classic limbo

  3. I haven't even hit 40 on one character… The vibe just isn't there for me. Idk, I wish I could enjoy it but it's just so… idk

  4. If you want to go, play ranged Hunter, you have four other Versions of the game to do it

  5. As a destro lock who's dying to play Aff this makes me moist.

  6. bless the heart of the chatter who was like "I bot, and yep, my bots getting banned left and right" LMAO gotta love when you hear it right from the horse's mouth!

  7. Shadow Priest maybe underperforming in raids but they're insanely strong in world PVP. Blizzard need to be careful with buffing Spriest because they dominate in PVP too hard. I'm playing a Spriest and I can tell you in world PVP it's sick. Dots melt people and you have Dispersion, Shield, Dispel Magic, Homunculi, Instant fear, Silence, Vampiric Embrace for very strong self healing and SWD is overpowered and literally executes people from 50% to 0 sometimes.

  8. YO WTF is with all these click baits lmao. maybe wait til theres some actual news

  9. How cant blizz fix the massive botting problem? its so many of them!

  10. I disagree about the backtracking being bad design, its more immersive that you are required to go back and forth to figure things out.
    BRD is the best example of this.
    On the other end the lineal dungeon designs like TBC are boring as hell

  11. i could imagine them doing some Teleporter Stuff just like in Gnome to get arround quicker , hyped tho for the Dungeon i like it 😀

  12. @00Nyu

    vor 0 Sekunden

    I really dont like them changing a class like Shadow from top tier to low tier in one phase. Thats why I quit retail.

  13. I axtually loved ST back in vanilla wow. I hope they do it right make it an enjoyable raid to run cause we will have to run in dozens of times again

  14. lol while he was showing his thoughts on sunken temple map design [ 5:10 ] I got a ad for a creative map builder app

  15. Converting dungeons into raids is a problem as it reduces the small amount of 5 man dungeons to even less.
    Uldaman – Basically irrelevant for lvl 50s
    Maraudon – Last wing relevant for a few items
    BRD – First sections relevant for a few items
    Sunken Temple – The raid
    This is not enough to sustain, especially without pvp event and no new battleground.
    Its 1 raid and 2-3 partial dungeons.

  16. Just make every dungeon HC difficulty then. Having multiple difficulties of same dungeon or raid sucks

  17. i completely disagree with this idea of challenging content keeps players retention. Thats the whole reason wrath classic died… dungeons harder just to get 4 emblems of frost, increasing ulduar difficult etc… all those changes harmed the game more than did good.
    Classic should be easy, a loot pinata.

  18. Now that all the other classes have caught up with dps can we un nerf the shadow priest.

  19. Gnomer is awful and the only way anyone is having any fun with it is if they are running with a good guild. Even the casual gyilds are garbage at it. It hurts the player base and sours the experience for everyone. There should be a better way to make sure only decent players can access the raid. Like an actual hard quest or a rune/gear check so that raid leaders dont have to waste so much time looking at parses and checking gear of people as they show up to the raid or get screwed by the guy who paid to level to 40 and never got a single piece of gear or any of the runes they need.

  20. Idk why im here watching this. I dont like staysafe 🤔

  21. herooic+ is gonna kill the game yet again for gearing alts, it was super shit to gear bad alts in wrath since they where super overtuned and ppl always asked for stupid high gearscore amount in order to join.

  22. screw that do something with BRD please, I love that place its huge you could even half it.

  23. I’d rather back track in a raid then go on a linear track like I’m being shuffled through some sorta fun house at a fair. Also, if they add some sorta heroic mode… I really don’t want them to put any gear behind it. Put some cool cosmetics.. sure.. but I don’t wanna feel like have to run those dungeons because they were ass in wrath.

  24. Not saying sod will be dead but they lost a chunk of people during this phase 2 this week was as long as I could hold on so I quit – I have seen many people also say they are quitting in phase 2 because it’s just boring raid logging

  25. I rerolled literally because range hunter has been gutted so badly

  26. Heroic will ruin SOD. I really hope they go down that route..

  27. I wish they had world boss fights in phase 3 , Would be fun.

  28. Great! Another phase for season of disappointment. Cant wait.

  29. I just don’t get the SoD hype. I haven’t seen anything exciting or new enough to bring me back to this version of the game.

    Sunken Temple? Gnomer? People actually want to run these awful asset flip dungeons?

    Idk man, maybe I’m out of touch because I love 1.12 vanilla but why can’t they just take the necessary time required to develop new dungeons and raids for the legacy game?

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