These Jokes Hit Different Now I'm Older #shorts #memes #stampy #squid #cursed #nostalgia #quest -

These Jokes Hit Different Now I’m Older #shorts #memes #stampy #squid #cursed #nostalgia #quest

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  1. Hey im looking up old stamp squid videos what was this series called again? Thank you 😊 love the video edits

  2. Let’s not forget about the pole that used to be in Stampy’s Clubhouse

  3. I was rewatching islands of Eden and on the first episode stamps asks “Top or bottom” and squid says “I beg your pardon?” Didn’t understand that when I was little.

  4. Yahhhhhhhh but tbf that’s missing the context from earlier in the episode. Squids pumpkin was the child in question. 🧐🤓☝️

  5. it might be because if Lee who was texting underage girls at the time

  6. Crying_collector old friends new foes says:

    Im not crying your crying (Omg i miss the old stampy vids)

  7. this channel is both weird, funny, random and cursed. keep up the grate work lmao

  8. You also play minecraft cool but what happened to your voice

  9. I remember this series. Damn. It’s been a while.

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