The Ultimate FNAF Iceberg Explained - Part Three -

The Ultimate FNAF Iceberg Explained – Part Three

Barky the Chicken
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  1. Hey! Idk if you’ll see this but I legit discovered your channel liek 2 days ago and love your vids man! The quality and effort is amazing and your dedication is inspiring. I really hope your channel gets the recognition it deserves

  2. "Pyrocynical is known for doing very good cosplays" he's known for being a popular commentary channel and maker of daily slop (on his second channel) and for being a furry

  3. your voice is so calming i love watching videos like this

  4. correction – "bonnie is a girl" was actually referring to an early misconception where people thought bonnie was female due to the name being feminine.

  5. 59:32 I think this entry might refer to the idea that apart from the original 5 children killed, there may be additional victims.

    For instance, in FNAF 2, we know that the Toy animatronics have facial recognition (presumably to scan for a certain Mr. Purple guy) imbedded into their programming. Since FNAF 2 is a prequel, this could imply that William Afton has already commited a murder/murders (unless I’m getting confused with the timeline and the murder here is for Charlotte (puppet) which would have prompted the new location to have the recognition software put in place)

    I only bring this up since in night five, Phone guy tells us that someone used a spare suit in the back to murder some children, thus potentially being additional victims (again, I’m not as up to date with the timeline, so this series of murders may actually be the respective five children which now haunt Bonnie, Freddy, Chica, Foxy, and Golden Freddy).

    I thought I’d throw it out there since I have heard this theory float about referring to this idea I mentioned above

  6. I still have the fright flashlight and it works lol

  7. Just want to add that FYE is pronounced letter by letter (like fyi) because it stands for For Your Entertainment

  8. I have forgotten about this francize thank you for reminding me about this part of my childhood

  9. thank you for the video! i love watching (or listen :)) videos like that in the background while doing something ur voice is rlly relaxing

  10. I had a question.

    When you talk about the endings of Sister Location, you say the good ending is fake and the bad ending is real. I didn't hear any explanation as to why you would believe that. The only counter point I can think of would be that Baby turns up in Pizzeria Simulator, but based on the fact that Ennard escapes either way, is Ennard even still in Baby in Pizzeria Simulator, either way? Or is it a different animatronic in the same shell? Or could it be from a different chain of that restaurant's franchise? It's implied that at some point that brand would have enjoyed success similar to, if maybe slightly overshadowed by, Freddy Fazbear's at one point, from what I know. If Freddy Fazbear could get franchised, which is the entire point of Pizzeria Simulator, so could that place.

    There's more I think I could say about this, but I'm not 100% sure on. Either way, I think you're doing a really great job with these videos!

  11. Amzing voice and nice insights, a overall amzing video

  12. awesome video but why are a lot of these just shoutouts to channels

  13. finnaly i can play games with this hell of a podcast/commentary also you are hella udnerrated for your work

  14. im loving these vids, cant wait for tier 4

  15. Five minutes in, I'm enjoying the video so far! Great job!

  16. Amazing man! Here before your channel blows up ❤

  17. This is such a good video! Keep up the work 🎉

  18. This is fantastic man, im really enjoying this iceberg and you commentary is hust perfect! Hipe you continue!

  19. Oh wow Your channel is growing very fast, congratulations!❤

  20. “Also Matpat says so”

    Gotta be one of my favorite lines from this video. Amazing work, I love the glitching! Keep it up man, you’re doing fantastic

  21. been looking forward to this, your channel is too good to be this small.

  22. I think your really good and should start making video essays

  23. The first minecraft chicken to make it to tier 3 of a iceberg.Cool.Also you have done an amazing job on tier 3. Cant wait for tier 4!

  24. Your videos have cemented it. I need to make a video on Fnaf.

    For a while I've been debating it, but I feel like I should make a video in my one series. The amount of like trashy animation channels who bring all of these other mascot horror games in is bad enough to actually make me wanna talk about it.


    fnaf is one of my biggest special interests and ive been so excited and waiting for part three! im so excited :D!!

  26. Well, not only are you uploading these really long videos extraordinarily quickly, you have also gained +700 subs since my last comment so… Ok…

  27. I am very pleased to say I found this video worthy of watching while eating food. Thank you


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