The Quest Speed Run - Squid Game Challenge: Group HardCore Ironman #1 (OSRS Duo GIM w/ Knightenator) -

The Quest Speed Run – Squid Game Challenge: Group HardCore Ironman #1 (OSRS Duo GIM w/ Knightenator)

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Welcome to Squid Game. Challenge #1: Speed is Key
The rules are simple: two players are dropped into Gielinor, where they are faced with 6 challenges to complete. Each challenge provides points. The player with the most points by the end of the series will win a cash prize, the other will be eliminated.

Knight’s POV:

This series is being recorded on a Creator world with with 10x Training XP, 5x Drop Rates and 2x Resource Gathering. Shoutout to Jagex for setting it up for us to use!

Group Ironman Mode is an Ironman Mode variant which was released on 6 October 2021. The mode allows 2 to 5 players to group up together with all normal Ironman Mode (or Hardcore Ironman Mode) restrictions. Only newly created accounts can enable Group Ironman Mode. Existing accounts, including those who are already ironman accounts, cannot join a group.
Players that join a group before it is founded have Prestige status, which allows them to be free of trading restrictions.

English translation graphic:

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  1. This excellent man, really looking forward to what you both get up to in the next episode. The editing was very impressive too

  2. Great video / concept – although with gp on the line you were both far too kind to each other 😂

  3. Great content brother, looks like you both had a good time! Big up the 🥚 massive

  4. Love the new intro theme! Did make my day a little better after the hell that was waking up lol

  5. I seen you spent extra time grinding wheat, you can grind 28 before going to collect it

  6. The new outfit is so awesome. Looking forward to more of this series

  7. "I'm out of run"
    looks at screen
    Smithy running around in a full Armour set….


    Loveee the series so far laughed quite a bit, can't wait to see more keep it up!

  8. I think the tele from ur gim helmet to the node is actually a quicker tele to lumby if ur home tele is on cd

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