The Guards of Squid Game Explained | Squid Game Explained -

The Guards of Squid Game Explained | Squid Game Explained

Bryce Edward Brown
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The Guards of Squid Game (2021) Explained. A quick comprehensive guide and analysis of the guards/staff in Squid Game. In this video I will also be pointing out things like the meaning behind the shapes and hidden details. As well as debunking theories like whether or not choosing a red square meant that you were going to be a guard and choosing a blue square meant that you were going to be a player. So who are the guards? Find out in this video!

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This video was made by Bryce Edward Brown


  1. I'm not a big fan of leadership roles and I'm not a big fan of being a servant, so I rather be the triangle guard since I love carrying firearms.

  2. Yo I have a sqiud game mask and the jacket so stay tuned

  3. Circle is my favorite shape but I would love to be a triangle the most

  4. They were a pseudo comic relief for me the moment I associated them with Playstation controllers

  5. Literally everyone says they have play station buttons on their faces

  6. In real life I will choose the red square

  7. The Circles: They do custodial work and heavy lifting. Cleaning up messes, cooking, carrying coffins around.
    The Triangle: Higher level than circles. They're the paramilitary that carries guns and enforces
    The Square: Higher than triangles. They're lieutenants that commands.

    Front Man: Highest position. Oversees all operations and games to work.
    VIPs: The people that probably sponsors and spectates the Squid Games.

  8. Even if they have PlayStation controls on their masks, gaming across all platforms will always be united by the X button

  9. The guards get chosen my theory is that all the winners of squid game are the VIPs or guards but idk

  10. I’d probably be a triangle I have no qualms with killing people but I really don’t want to do the shitty jobs of the circles and have the responsibility of the squares

  11. I would be a rifle man those mp5ks are good smgs

  12. i think this movie is more impactful than just the game.
    The whole movie is a reflection of society during covid-19.
    Think about it. The guards have a ranking structure. arent allowed to take off their masks in front of each other, cant talk without permission, and cannot leave their room without permission. same rules we had for quarantine.

  13. One thing I’ve thought since the beginning of the show is how squid game almost seems like a method of so called "cleaning up the streets." It is no doubt entertainment for a group of the uber rich, but since we learn later on that Squid Game has been going on for over a decade, is held at least once a year, and each game has 456 players, it almost seems like a inconspicuous method to slowly get rid of all the poorest, most in debt, and the all lowly criminals in South Korea. The show and the games both make it very clear that the people who participate in the games will never be able to pay off their debt otherwise. They will only continue to plunge farther into their debts and they will obviously want to continue dodging any loan sharks or police that come their way. Also, we know that the guards are harvesting and selling the organs of those in the games that have not fully died yet and that every time a player dies, the amount of debt that they owed is poured into the giant piggy bank. There’s a common motif throughout that the contestants are metaphorically paying back their debts with their lives.

  14. describing circle guards as having "the least fun jobs"
    yes. because murder certainly is much more fun

  15. ?????????????????????????? Vvvvvvvvvvv

  16. "more fun as a circle"
    how? I imagine there would be more fun as a triangle. You know not driving the participants to the hidden location of Squid Game, preparing food for the other circles/ contestants and or games such as the Honey Comb game. Dragging the deceased contestants to their coffins. From what I remember from the first season of Squid Game that sounds like torture.

  17. I hope I’m not the only person that actually wants to work there and be a staff member irl

  18. Nothing can be worst than hell. So I'm not impressed by these foolish games. Show me where the people end up after death, then I'll take this show seriously.

  19. As a person who loves shooting things in a video game I'd be the triangle

  20. i would choose triangle becuause i got to kill ppl duh

  21. I would be a triangle because we can kill the players in glass bridge and red light green light

  22. I can’t lie i would want to be a circle or square guard

  23. I've always wondered if the guards ever came back to the ''normal'' island in the end, just like the winner. or do they get killed, so they can't say anything about the game to others?

  24. Bryan who is the brother at front man??

  25. The player old man is son at front man is 34 and old man is 99 years old

  26. Come on…the dialog is 70s at best..the writing is laughing out loud bad…what is the attention and attraction to this movie! It's like the 70s Kung fo ..young grass hopper. Acting is terrible sry but don't an never understand why this was successful. Please…I can't b alone! Great concept. But no…as an American can't digest it.

  27. Hot stack of cash and sweet rifle,call me a triangle!

  28. Keep up the Great Work I Love the Square Guard

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