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The Fierce Humboldt Squid | KQED QUEST

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A mysterious sea creature up to 7 feet long, with 10 arms, a sharp beak and a ravenous appetite, has invaded ocean waters off Northern California. Packs of fierce Humboldt Squid attack nearly everything they see, from fish to scuba divers.

KQED’s Quest chats with the marine biologists who are working to discover why they’ve headed north from their traditional homes off South America.


  1. LOL! LOL!
    HUMAN GUY: These squid only think about two things: one is eating and one is reproducing!
    SQUID: Those two legged creatures only think about two things: one is killing us for food, the other is reproducing! AVOID THEM OR KILL THEM AT ANY COST OR THEY WILL MAKE US GO EXTINCT! Remember the whales? Yeah….that was their doing! STAY AWAY FROM THOSE THINGS! If one tries to catch you, KILL IT IF YOU CAN OR YOU MIGHT END UP AS SOMETHING THEY CALL CALAMARI! Those things are DANGEROUS! Think about the Indians! We existed for millions of years with those people and then the pale ones came and wiped them out too! DANGEROUS! Flash red, try to get away, but when they pursue….ATTACK!

  2. If Humboldt squid were not aggressive, humans would have killed them off already! I am so glad they are aggressive enough to protect themselves because we, as a species, will eat a species to extinction!

  3. 2:37 says native to south america and shows a big chuck in north america


  5. I had to watch this video for school and it honestly, has a weird vibe. I

  6. Yeah it's okay when we overfish the ocean but no no no we can't allow the squid to do it

  7. Do Humboldt squid taste as good as smaller squid? If so they're delicious

  8. Hey lady, your narration is full of shit hype. In the first breath you simmer about something mysterious lurking in the depths and three breaths later you "identify" the "mystery" as Humboldt squid. Some fucking mystery. One would at least suppose revelation of the kraken.

  9. "I don't think this squid spends a lot of time philosophizing."

    Also me, "we don't know much about the squid in the natural habitat"

    Conclusion, do not listen to me

  10. Big brains and crazy aggressive but only spend their time eating and fucking and not philosophizing… how are these not humans of the sea?

  11. The Humboldt squid's diet consists mainly of small fish, crustaceans, cephalopods, and copepods. The squid uses its barbed tentacle suckers to grab its prey and slices and tears the victim's flesh with its beak and radula.
    Species: D. gigas
    Genus: Dosidicus; Steenstrup, 1857
    Like the information?

  12. Ballen video watchers incoming in 3…2…1…

  13. why is elastigirl from The Incredibles narrating this

  14. That is until recently where it was revealed in a documentary that fishery and exploitation of the ocean will kill us by 2050. The ocean produces 85% of the oxygen in the world and we just keep abusing it and killing everything in it. Everybody so worried about keystone or fuel prices when none of that shits going to matter soon.

    Seaspiracy. Watch it. It’s important. Or don’t, do nothing, and die.

  15. no squid do not have "big brains" they have a donut shaped brain and their esophagus goes through the middle of it.

    squid is one animal i will be happy to leave alone and never swim with 🙂

  16. How does this dude know that the squid only thinks about eating and mating? Is he a squid psychic?

  17. "a fish that can wrap it's tentacles around you"

  18. the thought of being stuck in the ocean with no escape while a demon from the ocean rips you to shreds and eats you as you draw your final breath is the definition of horror.

  19. In chile we grill them. In Chile we grill everything.

  20. Who’s here because of Mr. Ballen’s channel?!!

  21. someone said bankers were the "vampire squid"? a vampire squid is way too gentle -these guys are much more like the bankers. killer teeth, man!

  22. Northern California??? 2 or more are ALWAYS pointed at you.

  23. These videos ALWAYS spend way too much time showing fisherman on the boat and guys sitting around talking. I'd say 80% of the video is completely uninteresting.

  24. For some reason I would like to fish for them but I would never take a chance for some hooligan stuff

  25. A man named Alex survived an attack from these squids.

  26. Eat them or they may get bigger, more spread out and start eating us!

  27. is it a job requirement at public broadcasting to have a speech impediment ?

  28. I just realized this channel has been spitting out interesting docs for more than a decayed.

  29. I've been recommended this video at least 8000 times loool finally had to watch it

  30. I don't think I could feel bad about eating squid. I already enjoy eating Octopus LOL.

  31. What a colonialist attitude towards these animals. We are the invasive species, they live there. The fact that they are ranging farther is our fault as well. Because they are capable of hurting people and cut into the profits of an industry trying it's level best to empty the oceans of life, a cavalier attitude towards killing them for no other reason is "justified". I'm no vegan, eating animals is a natural behavior, but this shit is backwards and irresponsible.

  32. Imagine not loving squid

  33. 1:35 – I'll tell you one thing buddy, I like Cephalopods, And I don't appreciate the way your handling that squid… And if I catch you on the high seas I'ma slap the shit out you for Octavia….

  34. They get their name from the Humboldt current. Which stretches from Alaska to southern America. They move up and down the coast’s staying in an area for a couple years then move on. They’re never in 1 spot for 2 long.

  35. Sorry but womans voices are annoying to me. On documentaries im a woman who rather hear a mans voice on these shows or any show

  36. I wanna fuck one of these things 🙈

  37. I would rather swim with 10 Bull sharks than with one Humbolt squid.

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