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[The Church In The Darkness] Food is optional

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In great soviet commune by optional we mean none!

Tips accepted and appreciated much:
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Stream Rules:

Ω)All Squid streams are cooking streams :3
Д)Save that S*** for Shin streams
a) I speak ENGLISH, BAD ENGLISH and like toddler Japanese. If I can’t understand you I apologize. Things that look like bot spam will be taken as such.
1) Basically don’t do stuff to get me in trouble (who knows what that is with youtube nowadays)
2) Feel free to talk about ALMOST anything. I’m not a professional streamer. As long as it doesn’t violate the first rule or generally screw up the vibe of a chill stream with people havin’ a good time.
3) If this is your first night at fight club? You HAVE TO FIGHT.
4) Do not attempt to adjust your monitor or smartphone. We are controlling transmission.
5) The white zone is for loading and unloading of passengers. There is NO stopping in the red zone.
6) All amputees and gravely ill are to report to the care house. We are working on solutions. Please bear with us.

Have fun!

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