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Tentacular | Helping Build A Town…AS A GIANT SQUID MONSTER!

A Wolf in VR
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It’s my 16th birthday and I can finally become a true citizen of my small island nation! The only problem is…I’m some sort of giant octopus. Things get crazy when my tentacles are unleashed!
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Intro Movie: “22 Jump Street” (2014)

This game was played on: Rift S

Raised among humans on the bustling and eccentric island of La Kalma, the time has finally come to unravel the secrets of your mysterious origin while working as the world’s strongest handyman.


00:00 Intro + Welcome + Juggling
01:52 My Sister Drops A Birthday BOMB
05:24 The Mayor Forces Me To Get A Job
08:13 The Trials To Discover My Dream Job
15:32 Fixing The Lighthouse
17:32 I Should Not Have Touched That
20:44 My Tentacles Are Hurt 🙁
26:01 Our Research Goes Terribly Wrong

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VR Headsets:
– Oculus Quest
– Oculus Quest 2
– Oculus Rift S
– Valve Index
– HTC Vive
– HTC Vive Pro
– Playstation VR

PC Specs:
– RTX 3090
– i9-9900k CPU
– 32 GB DDR4-3200mhz RAM

For any business inquiries: awolfinvr@gmail.com

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  1. I love this octopus tentacle so much, I never thought game designers could come up with so many interesting ways to play a simple octopus tentacle. When I saw the tentacles were wounded and bandaged, I felt very heartache.

  2. Just picked up an Oculus Quest 2 and came across your channel. I have found your videos to be really entertaining so I subscribed to your channel. I picked this game up the other day and have been enjoying it.

  3. Nice watching some wolf VR I missed this since the last I watch you was when the last epi of I expect you to die

  4. Some would call him a wolf of many headsets but I like to call him a wolf of many jobs

  5. "Ah,your finally awake"… don't tell me you weren't thicking it.

  6. Imagine being à still techinically human tentacle monster.

    I would always try to be Nice to people and not kill.

  7. This is super cool, reminds me of ghost giant

  8. This looks kind of fun. I look forward to more of this one.

  9. 2:25 what anime was that, also did u forget about vox mahinae

  10. These VR game developers are so creative. Thank you for another great video Wolf. I love all of your humor and sound effects. It puts a smile on my face. Also you throwing that assistant into the ocean casually was funny.

  11. "It took me 15 years to pay off my car. But I finally did it!"
    Wolf: Haha, funny flying container go CRASH!

  12. the way the mayor worded the pledge. it sounds like the island is either a cult or a communist community

  13. Nyet is no in Russian and Njet is no in Finland

  14. Pretty please play more of this! Super duper looking forward to seeing more of this game. <3

  15. The intro almost gave me a heart attack cos of the squid/octopus

  16. Fairly certain the town people don't get the fact that your a giant octopus, I know I would attempt to be understanding about That!

  17. I LOVE your videos, your have such a soothing relaxing way of talking. You got yourself a sub.

  18. What was that opening scene from? I’ve never seen that movie and honestly I really wanna see it

  19. Squids only have the sucky things on the ends of their tentacles, you're thinking about octopi!

  20. Oh God he gonna give somebody the anime girl treatment

  21. I LOVE this do more! It would get a lot of likes!

  22. Wolfpack? more like squidpack in this video.

  23. you have gatta make more this story s just getting crazy you wont beleve your eyes g

  24. He says I can finally drive and then says a peanut butter cake it sounds like hes saying I can drive a peanut butter cake

  25. If your reading this if you have time may you continue this game

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