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Super Mario Maker 2 x Squid Game + Game Builder Garage!
In this video I play some of the best Squid Game levels in Mario Maker 2, I play Red Light Green Light, Honeycomb/Ppopgi, Glass stepping stones and Marbles – and play Red Light Green Light, Honeycomb/Ppopgi in Game Builder Garage!

Let me know if you want to see more videos in this style or more Squid Game videos 🙂

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0:00 Intro
0:13 Red Light Green Light (Mario Maker)
3:31 Glass stepping stones (Mario Maker)
4:31 Red Light Green Light (Game Builder Garage)
5:52 Honeycomb/Ppopgi (Game Builder Garage)
6:59 Squid Game (Mario Maker)
9:53 Dalgona Candy (Mario Maker)
11:28 sus….

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  2. I made some creations in game of garage so can you play it so I made red light green light and the honeycomb game so you should very play on game of garage

  3. Mutabor icon Maker Video Vimeo meteolabor von Radiologie in Mario Maker 2ok
    🦈🐻🦈🐻🦈🐻🦈🐻🦈🐻🦈🐻🦈🐻🦈🐻🦈🐻🐻🦈🦈🐻🐻🐻🦈🦈🦈🦈🦈🦈🦈🐻🐻🐻🐻🐻🐻🦈🦈🐻🐻🦈🐻🦈🐻🦈🦈🐻🦈🐻🐻🦈🐻🐻🦈🐻🐻🦈🐻🦈🐻🦈🐻🦈🐻 Dance you very much

  4. Hope you enjoy this video let me know what types of videos you want to see 6k LlKES

  5. P!ease make fnf in scratch in your I made play list

  6. Hey can you make all of the songs of Friday night Funkin in Game of the garage

  7. esperate un momento como lo entienden si habra ingles o otro pais

  8. Can you give me the ID for the full FNF game builder garage game please

  9. I have no idea how to play your 1st Friday night funkin game and game of garage I just can't do it

  10. Make Friday Night Funkin' in Microsoft MakeCode Arcade!

  11. The glass stepping stones? But you can’t tell the glass.

  12. Are you aware of the fact you have just been beaned

  13. I love it but I don't like squid game!!

  14. Hey you do you make run classic
    yes me too
    Constant and the person
    Run you mean
    fine person

  15. Can you pls play my squid game its name is doll game squid game game 1-6

  16. I think you know what I’m gonna say make. Cuphead. In. Game. Builder. Garage

  17. Do you wanna play my love with Mario maker the corse ID is 99g l77 48g

  18. fnf really happy 2k22 translated in english lyrics: mickey mouse (exe): don't you tell about my WIFE? be cuz she cheating ON A TALL MOUSE! what a so house was made of blood? bf: common mickey she love you, about your life about what she did….. mortimer: DON'T YOU JUST TELL ABOUT MY LOVELY WIFE! SHE WAS MY GF. bf: then why are you happy? why did you missed her? don't just tell about the truth. mickey mouse (exe) bf (both singing): we are friends now, then why are we so happy? gonna gonna make it fine about my wife life. hey hey. mickey mouse: I DON'T CARE! (both singing): karma is karma. life is life. but why are we happy? we don't know ???: hush little human, don't say a word. then mickey will make this entire world burns. so just relax and close your eyes. now is just the time that you will…..DIE!! (both singing) karma is karma life is life (mickey mouse: then now im happy!) good is just good! (yeah) karma is bad, why that mean that i don't care? let forget it…. KARMA IS KARMA! LIFE IS LIFE! (mickey mouse: BUT WHAT ABOUT MY WIFE!?) (fake scream, just make it real by saying this word so loud: AHHHHHHHHH)

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