Step By Step Directions To Get A FREE Wrap From The OFFICIAL Fortnite Discord Quest Bot -

Step By Step Directions To Get A FREE Wrap From The OFFICIAL Fortnite Discord Quest Bot

Tabor Hill
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From now until May 24th you can join the official Fortnite Italy Discord and do quests in order to unlock a free spray, emoticon, and wrap!

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  1. Hi Tabor! Do you know if the challenges work if you do them in Team Rumble? Thank you man, and love the videos!!

  2. Hey Tabor The new lava thing for pc players you can get it on GeForce now without a pc

  3. Tabor, hi I’m Eric I’m 10 and I use my moms account. It would be sooo cool if I could play with u one day awesome video!

  4. I’m having trouble “linking my account” I keep getting a error every time I try linking my account I signed in and it says “internal error”

  5. Hey Tabor I'm on console and I have the PC exclusive skin that just came out lmk if you wanna know how 🙂

  6. Hey tabor I play on console and when i go to the epic games store on add ons on my pc i dont see the volcanic ash pack.

  7. Does anyone know how to turn on dms for everyone on discord?

  8. Does it work if I just link my xbox or PlayStation because the epic link isn't appearing.

  9. Can you do these challenges anytime you want or is there a time limit once you start?

  10. I tried doing the start quest thing. Several hours later I got a message from the bit and it said, “You are already attending the assignment. You will get all the information about the assignments in this thread” in Italian. It never offered a link to link my epic to it 🧐

  11. imagine if something bad happens, biggest epic account scam ever

  12. For the damage you can check your match stats after you die before you leave the game check and do the easy math of what you still need or if you got 1.8k one game and 1.5 the next..

  13. does anyone know if you can do the challenges in bot lobbies?

  14. I got a error when I linked my account and when i retry the page doesn't respond

  15. My error says invalid form body. I don't know if that's okay

  16. I'm trying to get into their server but their Bot is still Down Because It Is Overloaded.

  17. Thanks for making this video Tabor. That wrap looks nice, so I'll have to try this

  18. For the second challenge are you able to do it in zero builds or regular solos

  19. So when I go to the link account button from the bot it sends me to an error website

  20. If they are really tracking opponents, the it can be enemy players or AI opponents. I’ve been doing the sideways deal damage to opponents challenges on IO guards and they actually work. So if you do both of these, you can kill 2 birds with one stone. Plus the tracker for the sideways damage may help you track!

  21. I got the bot saying I'm already participating but I didn't get the dm of the pic or link account

  22. I did the catch fish 20 times & got that fishstick msg u got but nothing popped up yet

  23. I received the message from the bot but there's an error with the link, does anyone know what i can do ?

  24. What’s up tabor I still can’t get my black mate halo skin style yet I linked my account to Xbox game cloud gaming and still nothing let me know what I need to do please thanks bro

  25. Thanks Tabor great “How To” it worked like you said

  26. Sadly these rewards are hit and miss, only some people will be able to get it just like the Mace of Hearts Pickaxe, too many people trying to get it and the bot getting confused.

  27. Does it work in bot lobbies? I tried doing it and nothing counted

  28. Did anyone else get bad gateway trying to link your epic?

  29. Congrats on starting out on Twitch recently Tabor!

  30. hey is anyone else having this problem ? I linked my account and it seems as it went thru but at the end it said error or something

  31. just a tip for translating, you can open your phone and use google lens it’s much easier and very helpful

  32. I got the DM saying I completed the first part and got the 1st reward. I haven't received on the game yet though. Hard to tell if I've completed these or not

  33. If you look at the description of the spray it says chapter 2 season 8 which is confusing unless that's when it was meant to be out originally

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