Step By Step Directions To Get A FREE Wrap From The OFFICIAL Fortnite Discord Quest Bot -

Step By Step Directions To Get A FREE Wrap From The OFFICIAL Fortnite Discord Quest Bot

Tabor Hill
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From now until May 24th you can join the official Fortnite Italy Discord and do quests in order to unlock a free spray, emoticon, and wrap!

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  1. 0:53 tabor: it's in Italian and you truly need a guide
    Me: Welp guess I can leave the video since I speak Italian

  2. Great video, when i hit the link account, it gives me an 500 error 🙁 So this is as far as I can get.

  3. fyi, the only challenges you need to do are 1, 3, and 5 for all the rewards

  4. Above the picture of Fishstick is the dropdown menu. The drop down menu now that you can choose option for the current status (which shows where you are in completion of the current challenge), challenges, rules, rewards, and report a problem.

  5. I caught 20 fish in a team rumble, then made 5 kills on zero build in 2 games. I left the game and start it again, but I didn't get the prizes. Do I have to catch the fish in solo or will I receive the prizes later?

  6. its working again but i hvent recieved the 5th quest

  7. I just realized that i Don't think these challenges will work while in bot lobbies

  8. Does team rumble count for some of these

  9. For all of you asking BOT LOBBYS DOES NOT COUNT TOWARDS THE REWARDS… So don't waste hours out of your day just to get these stupid cosmetics…

  10. When it comes to the 3000 damage you can also get the llamas as I've just completed it and killed one so the gives you have if you can kill them

  11. Tabor ANY recommendations on easiest way to get 3000 damage? I read NPC's, IO guards, animals count.

  12. Do they all have to be done in battle royal

  13. Thank you so much Tabor. Your tutorial helped a lot, your vids are amazing! 👏🏻❤️

  14. Tabor, thank you for all you do with step by step insturtions and keeping us informed on how to get these free items. You are the best!!!

  15. I fished over 30 fishes
    And its been over 1 and a half days
    And I still haven't got it

  16. If I tap link account it sends me to login with discord but that doesn’t work

  17. Love how I get 0 progress no matter what I do

  18. I did the challenge but I didn’t get the spray

  19. Does discord have to be open while you do the challenges?

  20. Can you do the 3000 damage challenge in team rumble?

  21. Thank You
    I got everything. Hi JACKERS!!
    I use your code
    Which is TaborTime ✋🏽😁😁😁😊☺️



  24. How do you log in it goes to create an epic games account?

  25. Thanks Tabor! I just unlocked the wrap. It’s called “Plumage” and looks like peacock. Thanks for your help!

  26. For me it says unable to accept invite! Is their server full or something else going on?

  27. I caught 20 fish and did everything and didn’t get it

  28. I have fished in two different matches, more than 20 fish, but have not received the spray🙁

  29. These are the challenges but you need to do them in order

    Challenges ⬇️
    1# – Catch 20 fish
    2# – Kill 5 enemies
    3# – Place Top 10 in Squads 3 times
    4# – Deal 3000 damage to opponents (IO Guards count)
    5# – Place Top 10 in Solos 5 times

    Just in case. Team Rumble doesnt work for none of these challenges.

  30. Can you do the challenges in zero build?

  31. i've done 3 out of 5 challanges and haven't gotten anything yet.. 🙁 i have restarted the match 3 times, but nothing. (i started 1 or 2 days ago)

  32. It doesn’t seem to work in Zero Build and for the damage opponent challenge you can just shoot IO Guards

  33. do you have to catch the same fish 20 times or just 20 diffrent fish?

  34. thank you. i was dumb i kept waiting for the list of challenges lol
    now i'll try to hurry and finish it.

  35. I was able to finally get this one done. I had to do the squad mission on my own. Had to camp a bit. breeze after that.

  36. I get both emoticons except the wrap?? Why? Do i have to be top 5 in solo?

  37. If discord wasn’t under as much scrutiny as it is, I’d be more inclined. Appreciate the video any way Tabor. Hope alls well 🙌

  38. I am so confused with this. I did the discord/epic setup, got the bot message, caught 25ish fish (in Zero build and then again in normal mode because I was not sure if it mattered) yesterday and nothing updated (no prizes) after twelve hours. Now, when I select the option to see status, it now says I have 5 completed but I still need to start by “catching 20 fish?” 🧐

  39. Does the 3,000 damage have to be done in one match

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