Stardew Valley ASMR 🌱 Playing the BRAND NEW Update! 🌱+ Ear to Ear Whispering -

Stardew Valley ASMR 🌱 Playing the BRAND NEW Update! 🌱+ Ear to Ear Whispering

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I don’t know about you guys but I have been SO EXCITED every since Concerned Ape announced the 1.6 update! Now that it’s finally here, I thought we should celebrate together with a new Stardew ASMR video where I explore the new changes with you. The last 20 minutes of the video is an ear to ear whispered reading of (almost all) the changes added in this update! I hope you enjoy 🙂

My previous Stardew Valley video –

00:00 ~ Hello from Jubilee & Pippin!
2:02 ~ Playing the new update
50:40 ~ Ear to Ear Changelog Whispering (GAME SPOILERS)

Lots of love,

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  1. 3 nights I have watched this video and I still haven’t gotten through it! It’s like a test to see how far I can get each night 😂

  2. 14:10 poor doggo was just tryna get comfy & then gets evicted 😂

  3. empty space for those who need it!!
    (i do :3 )

    (end!! have a goodnight/day :3 )

  4. Perfect timing, I’m playing the new update right now! 🥰

  5. the update now can let us to co-op up to 8 people,and i just test ot with my friend today,and many new stuff here

  6. Just in time! I'm planning to play stardew this weekend and just relax. This is wonderful ❤

  7. Yes!!!! I love your stardew videos Jubilee. I’d love to see more of it on your channel if possible. You’re amazing!!

  8. idk why but as soon as i clicked on the video the quality looked really good and clear! im not sure if its a new camera or something like that but it looks really good!! thanks jubilee for the video and goodnight to all ❤️

  9. The amount of love and care CA put into this update tugs my heartstrings. This is so magical!

  10. This is the video iv needed! Iv been waiting to see if you’d post about the update, my fiancé and I have been playing the heck out of it and it’s so good! It’s so exciting discovering all the new content!! 🥰🫶🏻🌸

  11. so excited for this! i've been loving the update so far 🙂

  12. I am still new at playing stardew valley, it is a super cute game. I just need to know where i am going and what i am doing. Since i am not much of a gamer

  13. Please do a Stardew Lets Play Series🥺🥺

  14. happy for you and everyone else who got the update 🥲❤️ im a switch user 🥲🥲 so ill be waiting patiently~

  15. i play on switch and i don’t want to see many spoilers yet!! so i pinky promise i’ll be revisiting this video when switch users get the update too! ❤️

  16. i love reading changelogs so i really enjoyed the second half of the video! would love to see more stardew!

  17. I brought Stardew Valley yesterday, so excited to play it over the weekend for the first time

  18. yay it’s finally out!! so downloading it today!

  19. I love watching/listening to you play Stardew Valley! I’ve lost count how many times I’ve watched this since it dropped on Patreon.

  20. hey ! Could you play banished again but with the colonial charter mod plzzzaz 🫣😊😊🥹

  21. This is my first video I’m watching of the new update. I’m sooo excited! I have to find my charger so I can download the update but my charger has been lost for MONTHS lol

  22. you need to make this a series pleeeaaassee!! i love these types of videos but barely anyone makes them.

  23. I don’t know if you’ve considered this before but, I think playing spider man would be nice just swinging around, miles morales would be better in my opinion just because the swinging is a bit better.

  24. I loove thisss!!! Pls make more stardew valley videos!!!

  25. Stardew Valley; rated M for Magnificent

  26. I did not know you could sell stuff to Willy… I have played over 300 hours 😭

  27. Omg yes!!!! I can't get enough of stardew and its making it hard for me to sleep. I need a series immediately!!!!

  28. There’s a game that was released a few years ago that I recently came across on the App Store called “Cafe Heaven-Cat’s Sandwich.” It’s a food making game with a theme that pulls on your heartstrings but in a good and heart-warming way ☺️

  29. Why can't u do a productive job if u want to be independent?
    Are u lazy to do a real job?

  30. Ahh im just patiently waiting for the update to come out on switch 🫶🏼

  31. We need episode 2, WE NEED IT! 😂❤ not kidding, we need it 😅😘

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