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SQUID!!! | Space Quest: The Lost Chapter pt. 5

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At this point, who gives a crap about the walkthrough counter. And now it throws an invisible maze at me?! Oh, sweet agony, how I’ve missed you.

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Closing theme by James Mulvale (Original by Bob Siebenberg)
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Outro animation by Gemini Does Games:
Portrait by Mark Crowe (yes, that Mark Crowe!)
Logo by Christian Giegerich

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  1. I must admit, it's a pretty elegant way to show that the city is enormous. First you show the relative size of Roger and the craft, telling that the craft is pretty big. And then you enter the screen on which the craft is shown as a tiny dot. Pretty creative

  2. Great vid SQH. It looked like you drank some yellow liquid. Lemonade perhaps?

  3. Can you play a game called The Errire Inn?

  4. "bash head until the stupid comes out". One of your finer Quotes SQH!

  5. SQ2: "Here's an awful monster to avoid."
    TLC: "Hold my beer. By which I mean, wrap your finger-appendages around this glass bottle of alcoholic delight while-"

  6. It's playing games like this when I reconsider my resounding preference for the parser interface, <blech>. Even so, overall I enjoy the having more verb options then as few as three.

  7. I don't blame your walkthrough crutch, I suspect few-none got through this without using it a bit – unless it took awhile after the game arrived before it was created. Plus, you've got some constraints when your gameplay is on a scheduel and your trying to keep it entertaining for your viewers.

  8. If YouTube wasn't so uptight, a good alternate title for this episode could have been, "WHOOPS! …shit."

    EDIT: The game said you shouldn't have put the fruit in your mouth.

    The game rewarded the player earlier for EATING MOSS.

    The game makes fun if you for eating fruit even though the player essentially gained a super power for eating moss.

    I get this game trolls for trolling sake, and that it is more mean spirited than average, but bad game design is bad game design.

  9. Hiya troels howre things going on the oppisite side of the earth?

  10. This game has a panel for your panel's panel…

  11. Technically, you are correct. Your inventory indeed doesn't say metal box anywhere. It does, however, say "clearance module," which as you discovered, is actually the name of the item. Perhaps that was the problem with the parser not understanding? Looking forward to more!

  12. You cuddle me in your sleep huh? That explains why I smell like Irn Bru every day.

  13. Anyone else notice Rogers close-ups are from SQ6? The funeral scene..

  14. Wow. Is it just me or is did this game end up being really REALLY dull. Holy crap.

  15. Ah the Naked Gun group facepalm. Classic.

  16. Oh man, your commentary has me dying of laughter! I applaud the effort of the creators, but it makes appreciate the real creative genius behind the real Space Quest games. I haven't watched until the end yet, but I'm pretty sure Roger's aqua adventure will be a dream he had while in the sleep chamber and it never really happened. Anyway, thanks for making me laugh during not so fun times in 2020.

  17. Glad to know I wasn't the only one who didn't know how to get past the shark.

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