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Squid Smack Free VR Quest Game | Swimming and Tips

Squid Smack
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Some quick tips to get you started in Squid Smack VR, a social underwater game on App Lab, where you are a squid and swim with your hands. We just released private lobbies! Go check it out with your friends or find new ones!

Thanks to TokiTheBoki for filming the beginning swimming demonstration for us!

Join the Squid Smack Discord to be more involved in the community! Invite link:


  1. Its me kiy, i love the hard work you guys did! Keep going ethrian and fyrefli!

  2. You guys should make a game or feature that makes you turn pretty big or twice your size like the kraken or something and just attack the sharks as the kraken

  3. hi:) could you guys please explain what the goal is of the game? Amazing game! ❤

  4. I keep on trying to smack the sharks but it doesn't work do I have to hold any buttons or am I hitting the shark wrong If I'm hitting the wrong spot please tell me where to hit

  5. What does the golden and glass squid do like it would be cool when you find it you get a glass or golden cosmetic but I don’t know do you own thing. Great game really fun!

  6. any chance of a pc port?
    itd really be nice

  7. I have a small question I started playing 2 day ago and I want to know how to get Silver and what it does

  8. I don't understand how to move forward or backward

  9. Hey! I can't manage to find a link to the discord. If you could reply to this comment with one I would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

  10. I like how this game has good physics where sticks can hit eachother and you have instruments in the sharks body

  11. When I try to get something it won't let me even if its free

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