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Squid Games But With 4560 Contestants! -WorldBox

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Watch as i put all the squid game contestants through the games and see who lasts the end and wins all the money!

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  1. You could’ve made human gaurds by putting humans down and then make them insane

  2. What squid game is: win money dont get killed
    What i expect: 0:02

  3. ik how to play worldbox and now id play it anymore.

  4. I'm actually bexicted for mrbeasts squid fame

  5. you should have done it with zombies and a golden brain


    honeycomb is harrd

  7. Favorited people don’t die for the infinity coin

  8. Can you imagine being kidnapped along with thousands of people and got droped back and forth in tiny tiny boxes with bunch of other people, random exploding land killing people around you, evading bowling balls coming from the sky, suddenly watch people around you randomly dropped dead, and then you're the only one to survive, and you hear this thunderous roar and see huge laser just burn you to death..


  9. i made squid game in world box and all games and my winner was 456 and i had 456 people not 4560 people my pc expolde

  10. you should have a space cover mountain and food trees for contestants will stay there as i did it and it was good

  11. taryv comepite 4559 people we shold have backstory of taryv

  12. everyone die the guards shoot them all

  13. when i made when it was the final game i giev them maddenes then i stared rain

  14. you could makethat in final game give everyone maddenes then rain and it woudl be like the real show

  15. I like how you tried to make it as close to the real show as possible

  16. For the marbles game i would use the flip coin thing cause it kills half of the population and in the show half of the contestants die in the marbles game

  17. actually you killing 1k people in red light green light is accurate because more than double the people died

  18. Simulated:there's really nothing to make them play squid games
    madness:Why am I here…Just to suffer…

  19. in the squid game you should have put people on hills and the end will be soil so they will run to it and for deaths you should used crabzilla and slowly kill the last standing people

  20. I cant watch Squid Game on Netflix Im only 13 years old

  21. ٴ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​d says:

    This video is highly inaccurate and just dumb!

  22. U should have put grass they all with run there for red light green light


  24. yes, favourite creatures never die with the coin

  25. Bruh he made the boy a girl and the girl a boy

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