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Squid Game VR – RED LIGHT GREEN LIGHT Oculus Quest 2
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  1. This looks great! 😀 But I wanted to surprise my girlfriend & install it on her Rift S! 🙁 … I'm also kinda surprised there doesn't seem to be a Oculus Quest Emulator available for Rift/PC?? It all seems a little backwards… :/ ???

  2. Just binged on the series, bloody good!! lol is this coming to the quest 2? Can't find it in the oculus store, yet!

  3. 🤣🤣 This one had me laughin'!! Seems intense holding position, and I too wouldn't be able to stop laughing. "He's shaking like a leaf." That'd be me, I think. Lol!! Great vid, GT! 🍺

  4. I really wanna play this, Im very hooked to Squid game right now lol

  5. Imagine this with the Kat Walk C or other Omni-directional treadmills.

  6. It's like having Chucky run the game your playing. Those red eyes are creepy, lol. Looks like fun.

  7. This is great stuff. I tried this in Rec Room and I wasn't convinced. Prob someone could implement something identical in VRChat

  8. Wow, it didn't take them long to make a game out of this, impressive!

  9. Is there a way to play this on the Rift as well?

  10. What game is this on? Like on the oculus?

  11. Looks great thanks for sharing 😍 Will they be 1 with all the game modes do you think please? 🤔 😍

  12. Where do I go to download the game. I've watched a few play it on YouTube but nobody gives in detail how to down load it. I bet you would get a lot of views if you made that quick video

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