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SQUID GAME VR Oculus Quest 2 FREE – How to Install NO PC – Red Light Green Light VR

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Have you been watching the new crazy hit show called Squid Game and you’re actually thinking you know what that Red Light Green Light game would be fun to play in VR.

Well have no fear WaqMan is here.

Today I’m going to show you how to get that creepy game Red Light Green Light from the show Squid Game in VR For FREE. Now there are two versions of the game they’re both free, however, one you can just download directly from App Lab and the other is through itch.io. The one directly on App lab is having some issues with installation. It took me a little bit to be able to install it for some reason and I’m not the only one. However, if you restart your headset or try and install it later it should work. But both of the versions are really cool and different. Plus I’m hoping they get updated to be even better.

Red Light Green Light App Lab:

Second Red Light Green Light Game:

Get Developer Mode On Your Quest & How to use the Bugjager App:

Useful Items for your Quest 2:

Cable Creation USBC Cable:

Cable Creation USB Active Extender Cable:

WIFI 6 Router:

Cable Clips:


Cool stuff for your Quest or Quest 2:

Quest 2:

Quest 2 Oculus Link Cable Alternative:

Oculus Link Adapters ALL IN ONE:

Wireless Mesh:

RGB VR charging stand:

VR Cover Alternative:

Lens Cleaning Pen for Quest 2:

MagicFiber Microfiber Cleaning Cloths:

Quest 2 Face Cover:

Quest 2 Lens Anti-Scratch Lens:

Quest 2 Elite Strap:

Quest 2:

Wireless Mesh:

PC Specs:
CPU: 3700X:
GPU: 1080TI:
RAM: 32GB 3600Mhz:

CPU: 3700X:
GPU: 1080TI:
RAM: 32GB 3600Mhz:

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Quest 2 Games to Buy First:

Top 10 Free Quest 2 Games:

Top 11 Hand Tracking Games:

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  1. Bro I didn’t even know this game was already in VR, the MP one still looks a lot better though, and I’m super hyped for RE4VR #WAQMANWINTER

  2. Can you do molding on gorilla tag on quest 2 because questpacther doesnt work

  3. can you send the link i cant find the link on the description

  4. #WAQMANWINTER It will be really cool when they add the other games too like the cookie one, imagine doing that in VR, or the glass one

  5. Waqman I know this is not a beatsaber vid but I messed up on a part in the modding in beatsaber and I fixed it but now everytime I click on bmbf it won't take me to the continue page what do I do

  6. #waqmanwinter anyways enough of that you truly deserve much more subscribers but I kind of like it with just us because you can actually see us so it's much easier to interact with you anyways good job

  7. I played the app lab game and it was fun but the moving was a bit buggy making me go sideways sometimes, great video #WAQMANWINTER

  8. #WAQMANWINTER LOVE Squid game on ep 7 no spoilers pleas also could you revieu sport mode wondering if i should get ip ps grate vid

  9. #WAQMANWINTER winter can you get me beat Saber please I've been saving up for so long my mom said no so can u please help all of my friends have it and I don't 🙏🙏

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