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SQUID GAME VR is cooked

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Your_Pal follows With Another Funny Gaming Virtual Reality Video on the Oculus Quest 2 VR; SQUID GAME VR is cooked

To find these maps, just search “Squid Game” on VRChat!

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This video includes:
/ Squid Game
/ Squid Game VR
/ VRchat funny moments
/ Your_Pal
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/ Quest 2

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  1. How is this not popular it's been off for 13 minutes but you have a lot of followers and I've seen a video that was out for one second and had 13,000 people commenting on it

  2. 0:18 that is literally what Mams say when you're in the playground so you don't run away

  3. oh you filmed two squid game maps, so good! thank you for filming one of my maps ^^ [SK.]
    it s so funny video xD !

  4. I made this world I'm still developing it.There are 28 surveillance cameras installed there. There is a hidden administrator room where all lights and cameras can be adjusted.

  5. Finally, a youtuber who replies to his comments.

  6. This guy gives me best at nothing vibes and I love it I insta subed

  7. Bro I love this show and you recreated it in this that’s dope

  8. there is classes of the guards here there are: trirangle is soldiers or military square is manager circle is worker

  9. You have peaked my interest. You have a choice. A new sub.
    Or a cookie.

    Chose wisely

  10. Lol. I love this. Keep up the awesome work my friend. Perhaps one day we can jump in some VRCHAT with HoneybadgerVR and Overrloadd and wreck shit lol. I know I’m new to all this but I still know how to run my mouth and mess shit up lol. Love your videos bro.

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