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Squid Game Virtuals Teaser Trailer | Sandbox VR

Sandbox VR
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Coming soon to Sandbox VR! In Squid Game Virtuals, you and your friends visit several iconic locations inspired by the Netflix series on your journey to become champions. Play your favorite games from the series, like ‘Red Light, Green Light’, and ‘Cross the Glass Bridge’ along with surprising new ones. The ultimate party experience, compete against your friends in an attempt to earn the top score. Will you be the last one standing? Experience Squid Game Virtuals today!


  1. I played it. It’s childish and not that fun. Play the scary games they are better. This is a game for children.

  2. Can we get a date? At least if it is coming this or next year? Maybe you can even say us the month

  3. I know this going to be fire cuz everyone I have done so far. I have not disappointed. I love sandbox

  4. So excited for this!!! Sandbox VR is my favorite VR place ever. I first tried it in 2018 and have been a HUGE fan ever since!!!!

  5. Ahh was hoping for a pc vr or quest release. Still looks so cool

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