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SQUID GAME | The Wind Waker: English Dub – Second Quest

Zelda Universe
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Back on Windfall Island, Link takes up Salvatore’s challenging mini-game: Squid-Hunt! In order to protect the island, Link must defeat 3 diffent sized squids in the ocean. Let’s see if our hero will prevail.

Check out the full dub of The Wind Waker: English Dub – Second Quest:

Featured voices:
Joshua Cookingham as Salvatore
Caro Cabal Coniglio as Link

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  1. Link’s Journal: Day 2 addendum
    The people of Windfall Island are a strange bunch.

  2. 1:04 You gave this guy a lot more passion in his voice acting then I'd think he'd have. Interesting.

  3. Salvatore is low-key one of my favorite side characters in all of Zelda. Thanks for doing this!

  4. Does anyone remember that the squid game was just a battleship inspired mini-game and not a friggin death olympics?

  5. Salvatore without painting:🗿
    Salvatore with painting: 👨‍👩‍👧‍👦

  6. Keep up the support in the twilight princess manga dub request 😘 👌

  7. Heh heh heh, the guy voicing Salvatore does a great job making me laugh.

  8. The funniest coincidence: a Let's Player I follow JUST reached this point in the game before you posted this dub, lol. Squid-Battleship was an amazing time.

  9. Salvatore is easily one of the funniest side characters in The Legend of Zelda!

  10. Joshua Cookingham is absolutely phenomenal here, as well as hilarious 😆. His different voice swith-ups as well as the staged, exclamatory noises he makes shows how flexible he is as a voice actor 😁. His pirate/ admiral accent was also very entertaining, I could never deduce whether or not it was Slavic, Balkan, or something 😅. But regardless, I love how it stands apart from his normal voice and his child impression, lol. He makes Salvatore feel like he's a passionate thespian who's begrudgingly stuck with a job that he's not pleased with 😂. And that all can be considered subtext thanks to how different his mood/ vocal tone is between him normally and when he's putting on an impression, XD. Well done on Joshua's part 👏.

  11. Well i will say this, that was amazing, really put effort into the VA, i had a feeling he is full and low Key, but one the game starts, he gets into character, Keep doing a wonderful job.

  12. I love using his sploosh! I love this just for what it is!

  13. So glad you decided to voice this part!

  14. Lol. Cant tell if the Splooosh Kaboom lines are dubbed over or not!

  15. Both the source material and this dub are the epitome of "didn't need to go this hard but did that for us"

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