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Squid Game takes over Shell Shockers!

Blue Wizard Digital
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  1. my android device no longer supports shell shocher 🙁

  2. pls gimeaway a albino crackshot on my next birthday my birthday is september 11 i have 3 guns that cost 7500 its the crackshot tri-hard and the shotgun pls give away a albino crackshot

  3. 𝙏𝙪𝙞𝙡à𝙉𝙜ộ𝙉𝙜𝙝ĩ𝙣𝙝 says:


  4. i did not join your discord but pls give me albino crackshot

  5. Why cant use chinese NAME why why why

  6. and also pls tell me the real code for the albino crackshot albino tri-hard and the albino scrambler

  7. i like mud glutch tjat my favourite map
    can you bring map mud glucth back on disember

  8. Nice kills well played! And also, nice idea for squiddie game!!

  9. Slashy camp updates please? Thanks you

  10. can i please get a free VIP im really good at the game

  11. When I play y FPS Goes Down and it turns laggy Idk Why

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