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Squid Game – Sugar Honeycombs Scene ( Subtitles )

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  1. 0:25 When you're out on a date with your new girlfriend but your ex shows up out of the blue…

  2. One of the most wildy creative and inventive shows ever made. So much dark fun!

  3. 😮😮😮😮😮😮😮😮😮😊

  4. Credit where it’s due: a good number of players probably would’ve thought to lick the cookie sooner or later but probably would’ve licked from the front and accidentally break it(speaking from an audience perspective).

  5. This show will unveil so many playground games to parents to show their kids. There’s like a 5th as many American ones even played today .

  6. This was most pathetic and worst TV series ever made, it's incredible that it got 30% from critics

  7. Main actor be like " Lick.. Lick for your life ".

  8. กลุ่มจริงเค้ากั้นไว้หมดแล้ว 2:36

  9. I remember playing this as a child in Korea. We only had one strategy, poke poke poke.

  10. Gi-hun got the hardest shape in honeycomb

  11. Gi Hun is the only surviving person who picked umbrella

  12. The surgeon won first because he knew the game and he has the steadiest hands which is cool

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