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Squid Game – SNL

Saturday Night Live
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A group of men (Rami Malek, Big Wet, Pete Davidson) perform a song about risking it all for a cash prize.

Check out Turn Up On the Weekend by Branchez & Big Wet:

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  1. this is the live action version after disney buys it and makes it american

  2. Still an imbecile show…been years and years, and it will be forever now. SNL is Scheiss.

  3. That statue is real and someone stole one of its hands. ;_:

  4. Respect guys I love this song it's better than the movie itself 🔥🔥👍👊 I had to sell my puppy why so underrated

  5. They just described the squid games in a country song whats funny about it?

  6. Squid game was so popular, SNL stepped in.

  7. The careless canoe curiosly plan because thread disappointedly damage throughout a teeny bubble. far, sharp squirrel

  8. pete's number not being 420 is a missed opportunity

  9. That first shot was racially motivated 🙄

  10. Man rip the old snl. To me they’re just explaining squid games in song form, not very original

  11. Plot twist.. it all got hacked by Christian Slater

  12. I think they make the squid game real and legal in America

    It would cure America of its hate and insanity that keeps getting worse each year.

  13. 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  14. The confused by the currency is super relatable to an American who watched the show

  15. 좀ㅈㅁㄴ소녀ㄷㅍ두ㅡ맏?

  16. Yo I thought Freddie mercury died why he in squid game

  17. I've been hearing about the 'Squid Game' for some time now, I guess it's all the rage??? I have no idea what the fuck it's all about.
    Thought SNL might give me a clue. I'm more confused than ever now………

  18. The red light green light scene is terrible in english, the Korean song makes it so much better

  19. i wouldn't be surprised if they actually made a squid game remake with white actors. we know it's a matter of time

  20. So it's sort of just a list of things that happen in Squid Game? Right.

  21. Pete’s singing talents are actually really good

  22. I'm not even a fan of country music but if they made more country music about stuff like this I would be

  23. Imagine barely coming out a month ago and everyone knows who you are.

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