SQUID GAME | S01E01 - "Red Light, Green Light" | Spoiler Review & Breakdown | 오징어 게임 - squidgame.quest

SQUID GAME | S01E01 – “Red Light, Green Light” | Spoiler Review & Breakdown | 오징어 게임

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  1. Spoiler but old guy is only the main master mind of this whole game 😅🥲 ali and gui hun( main carecter) is my favorite in whole series

  2. The old man is not a old man because he is the owner of the game

  3. why play a cranegame instead of in a shop because think about it how much is a stuffed animal maybe 50 bucks and in a cranegame it could be 10 bucks maybe less if you are very good in it

  4. There is a meme I have heard a lot that the main character of train to busan who is also the talent scout guy and all the dead people in squid game are the zombies in train to busan coming for their revenge…

  5. Asking people not to panic in any stressful situation let alone one like this doesn't seem like a practical thing because inherently you normally aren't thinking logically when you're panicking. It's a paradoxical instinct that triggers fight or flight responses and since there's no way to fight a lot of people chose flight even though it would get them killed

  6. I always see you reaction but this time I just came here to see squid game not you reaction 😂😂😂😂😂

  7. I think the film is just okay. The memers are made this popular

  8. Even more sad about situation of main characters is that you probably know people who are in same shits and live same lives like the main characters of SG. I don't mean playing some dead games, but that they can't buy even gift to their kids and put all money to shits which doesn't make sense, like slot machines, betting etc…I am from poor family, so I know something about that. People think it's not realistic and peolpe can't be so stupid, but they actually can, they act exactly like that, they have some random money and they start tiping everywhere and think how rich they are and next day, they have nothing again and want their tips back, how typical. 🙂

  9. I watch all episodes of 8 hours the fucking game is this 🙂

  10. Please react to vincenzo korean drama series….

  11. Reaction videos are Best way to see squid drama or and Netflix webseries in free 🆓🆓🤘🤘😜

  12. Just one question…why didn't you watched this in English ??😅😂

  13. At least we know that Koreans are fit enough to run small distances whatever their age. Not being racist, but if the people were Indian then god knows what would happen with some auntie's and uncle's bellies jutting out

  14. So far and so many content react this series but i found this channel so satisfying because the screen same as both of you and i can read subtitle. Success for you 😁❤️


  16. Yall “oh he’s from Train to Busan”
    Me “he’s the Goblin”
    Others “he’s the Coffee Prince”
    Gongyoo just hits different lol

  17. Legends are here to watch Squid game for free

  18. Why is the concept so similar to the Bollywood movie Luck? Like i wasn't even surprised the moment the protagonist said yes on the phone. I knew it would be a game where you die if you loose and there will be people betting on them in the background. Disappointed, i was excited because everyone said it's such an original series. Ofcourse it's well made and i would still enjoy it but i feel like the concept isn't so original.

  19. This Hass to be traumatizing for Koreans. They’re not used to that kind of violence Compared to America

  20. Why isn’t patreon content affected by copyright claims?


  22. Why nobody is the chatbox is talking about 0:02 like really😂😂 The editor should be given extra salary, cuz this is done when someone is betrayed 😂😂
    (Don't take anything seriously in this comment 😅)

  23. I don’t know why people hate Sung Woo… That guy went to SNU 🤦🏾

  24. Can you watch and react to the Kdrama called "Mouse". It is SO good and you'll definitely enjoy it! Especially if you like crime mystery dramas.

  25. "Grandpa's got balls" is NOT the sentence I wanted to hear today lmfaoo

  26. John 14:6.Jesus saith unto him, I am the way, the truth, and the life: no man cometh unto the Father, but by me.

  27. It is funny to see at 34:52 the Lady and the Guy are apparently not on the same page. The lady is saying this is testing the human nature whether someone will do anything even if it has to trample upon someone else' dead body in order to reach the goal whereas the Guy refers to the first game that 'Gi-hun' accidently stepped on someone's hand/arm then tripped

  28. Did we know that the main guy will get emmy nomination for this

  29. This is the 1st time i see this reaction video i like it since the squid game is actually copy of an anime call Darwin's Game ( the story is same)

  30. The guy who save the protagonist was a Pakistani

  31. The guy who recruited the main character is the father in Train to Busan. LOVE HIM.

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