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Squid Game: Red Light Green Light VR – How to get this free VR game and review [Gaming Trend]

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Squid Game, the insanely popular on Netflix show that over 100 million people have already watched this year, has inspired a slew of fun mini-games based off the childhood games featured in the show. There are two VR versions one free and one paid based around Episode 1’s Red Light Green Light game that I’ll be covering in today’s video Now there are player versions of tons of games like this in GTA 5, Minecraft and more, but if you want to really feel immersed here are two options I can recommend on the Oculus platform, I’ll go through the pros and cons of each and how they play.

The Free Version by Itch.io author soaringroc
Described as A simple game played with other, nameless players. You basically just move your hands to run forward and cross the finish line. You gain points for successful runs, and you lose points for getting caught.

Pros and Cons:
Multiplayer, faster, more fun, no chat, not high detail, more fun gameplay loop

This Free version does not require a PC to be connected, it can be found on App Lab, which you access from within your Oculus device, using the headsets built in browser and visiting .

The Paid Version on Sidequest
It is $2.98 on Itch.io or Sidequest if you do have access to a PC, though you won’t need a VR ready PC to port this to your quest, just a USB-C cable to transfer the apk. If you are not familiar with how to do that, stick to the free version on Applab or just look up and familiarize yourself with transferring apks to your quest via Sidequest. I’ll explain how to download both via Sidequest in just a minute.

Pros and Cons:
Better build quality, better audio, slower movement, no multiplayer, no chat, cost 3$

How to access them on Sidequest:
Sidequest is a must have for anyone that owns a Quest or Quest 2, not sponsored by them by any means but there are a ton of free to play and cheap to purchase games out there if you need some games to play.
Game Link: Red Light Green Light Free on (visit from the Oculus headset browser) –

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