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Squid Game Recorder Tutorial – Step by Step!

Germaine Tay
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Learn how to play Squid Game Song on the recorder in an easy and step by step tutorial. I’ve tried to make this recorder tutorial as simple as possible so you can follow along.

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  1. thank you so much for sharing this video it help alot

  2. I love your recorder lessons can you please do mood I really want to learn it I have been following your recorder lessons 🙏

  3. What the hell am I doing heare i have a test tomorrow and I don't even have a flute

  4. Getting a constant consistent tone out of this thing is hard, I found my nose provides the perfect pressure and consistency

  5. Thank you so much it really helped me and now I can show my dad (annoy him)

  6. got👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍

  7. Daughter came home from school with a recorder today. Tomorrow she goes back armed with Mary had a little lamb, Hot cross buns and Squid Game 😆

  8. I remember one of my classmates played squid game on flute Lol

  9. i got it in 3thrd grade to thay sed i kood kep it

  10. im on 5th and thank u because on thursday we can play outside my recorder

  11. This is great I'm a beginner at the recorder so this really helped tho I still can't do the D so I've been practicing🥰

  12. I am getting a recorder for my 3rd grade music class

  13. Wow i don't know how to play squid game but in this video i learned so fast thanks for this video 🥲😊

  14. Mam, i can not play with ABCD keys
    Only i can play with solfage
    What i have to do?

  15. Thx I'm a beginner luckyly I found you

  16. Thx aunt I get it but half of the note 🤣🤣🎶🎵

  17. Now I can show off to my music teacher how he didn't help me but YouTube did

  18. I am gonna learn this to annoy my mom

  19. wow trying to figure out the notes today and this is definitely a good thing to annoy your parents with.

  20. me be like frkpt 😹😹😹😹😹😹

  21. Instead of doing my homework im doing this… And its 8:24, homework due tomorrow

  22. I did it to make a squid game song. Thank you so much!

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