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Squid Game | Official Trailer | Netflix [ENG SUB]

The Swoon
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456 people with debts they can’t pay off. 45.6 billion won at stake. But the cost to play is higher than they think and they’ll have to decide what’s more valuable—the prize or their lives?

Who will survive in Netflix Series SQUID GAME, starring Lee Jung-jae (NEW WORLD, ASSASSINATION) and Park Hae-soo (TIME TO HUNT, PRISON PLAYBOOK)?

Coming to Netflix September 17.

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  1. Perhaps you can do as well as last year's winners Whitman, Price and Haddad.

  2. Does anyone know where i can buy this red Overall? Pls

  3. Just seems triggering and anxiety inducing idk how y’all can watch it 😭

  4. I am so excited to watch that movie 😍👍

  5. Since I really liked The Wailing and Parasite I think I would like this too.

  6. It kind of reminds of the liar game

  7. Tip: don't get in too much debt, like Trump, you'll be in "over your head", or "in deep water" when the debt comes due…

  8. This is an update on the comment that I made a month ago and I just want to say that I was completely wrong about what I thought about this show. This show was great it had everything emotional stories, suspense, mystery, great acting, great cinematography, and set design, to go along with the great writing and directing and not to mention it was pretty gory in some parts too. The teasers and trailers were misleading to me so that’s why my first initial impressions of this show were negative. I’m glad I was wrong and I’m happy for Korea for having the show be #1 for Netflix and around the world instead of a boring american made show.

  9. Episode 6. It will fck with your emotion like no other. This show is bonkers!

  10. my guvmint offered me 300 dollars to go get jabbed … feeling ripped off, lol. raise it to 10 billion and i'll do it for my kids otherwise fuck off.

  11. One of the most devastating things of this series was the transition of the protagonist. From being his goofy and cheerful self to becoming the broken man with an empty stare. That really broke my heart.

  12. Echt niet eng en me vader ze dat ik 3 jaar niet meer ging slapen

  13. I think season 2 will show us about In Hoo (the front man) on how was he won the squid game 2015 (his brother found his name at the list of winners) and why he decided to became a front man. remember when he killed his police brother?? I think his brother probably still alive..

    p/s :remember when the police came to record room, this game had already started since 1999.

    can't believe that this game is real (reality of illuminati guys 😔) now, they just threw everything in front of us

  14. i cried at player 240, 001, and whoever the other one who died during the marble game who was sang-woo's partner

  15. I watch movie but the back one speak korean and front one speak english am i right?

  16. I swear i just got invited to the squids game last night card and everything from an unknown number i have one week to respond has anyone else?

  17. 111 millions view all over the world in netflix. No wonder one of these days the US will adapt this show. Im pretty sure! Look the good doctor!

  18. Just give me 25 won. I need beer and cigarettes

  19. 50 shades of Hunger Games, but with adults this time? I guess I’ll need to tale a look.

  20. Thank god I didn't watch the trailer before watching the series

  21. I love the psychological message this series poses when it comes to money and greed.

  22. It's amazing…i completed only 2 episodes coz my data completed i should complete it as fast as possible i can't wait it is going crazy

  23. What is the name of the song that plays throughout this video?

  24. I am a srilankan people .it is a very very very super movie in south koriya

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