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The company behind Magnum Quest recently released an ad for their game that blatantly rips off a squid game animation by Kotte Animation. Ironically enough, the only thing they couldn’t rip off was the original videos sense of humor.

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  1. Ive Just seen an ad where they just took the whole "How to join Squid game" video (from Kotte)…

  2. There's another ad similar to this for some crappy mobile game called " Cookie Carver. " They basically reanimated it to be shorter for an ad.

  3. There is a ripoff mobile game of Squid Game…and the ads are literally just Kotte's videos, completely unedited, and to top it all off, they were showing these stolen videos as ads on Kotte's own channel…even playing over the actual original videos, so you watch the video twice!

  4. Yes I saw there stolen pro be like ad but other ad not the same one

  5. i just want the option to be like ask permission to the owner videos so that way the people who want to copy the video they need to ask permission

  6. I hove how they give up on copying the animation like 2 dances in and just tiptoe.

    They were so lazy.

  7. These squid game rip off type ads will just not leave me alone. I haven't even gotten around to watching that show yet, so most of it doesn't even make sense to me.

  8. I don't even care about Squid Game nor Magnum Quest in the first place

  9. One thing that should ve added is another stick figure mobile game just stole the animation and put it as their ad.

  10. For bloody hell sakes I never got that ad until after watching this video

  11. Why do mobile game companies have to ruin everything?

  12. Your new room looks sanitary I guess?
    I don't know I'm running out of things to say

  13. Yeah I saw this, I also found a mc pocket edition mods app stealing some minecraft animation

  14. The mobile app market is a combination of the Wild West and dollar stores, with unregulated ads and blatant ripoffs. Waiting for the Netflix legal department to wash over like The Snap real soon.

    Also, a missed opportunity for Gene's corner of the room being the Squid Game bunker. 🙁

  15. Just one day after i say this, my man made already a Video about it

  16. I got one of these stupid ads right before this video

  17. The gameplay reminded of of that other game, RAID SHADOW LEGE-

  18. Can you do the lotr ads next please? they are bad

  19. My goodness weeks ago i watched kotte's animation, but what the hell has this kind of game have to with with squid game, and that i got this ad today, someone must have made a video about it. >%(

  20. Bro I click the vedio to watch and an ad for modile legends as squid game wierd

  21. Funny how an "I'm sorry for low rates ad" popped out before this video

    Also I remember a squid game Mobile Legends AD popping up for me

  22. am i the only one who doesn't think that the "squid game" , show is all the great. To me, it's just okay..and I didn't manage to finish the show. 😂

  23. Magnum Quest just posted an apology ad and gave out free shit lol

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