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Squid Game Inspired Crab Game Gameplay

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From creator Dani, Crab Game takes all of the best mini-games from the popular Netflix series Squid Game and puts them into this Steam title.

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  1. Squid game is so big that it became the next among us lmao.

  2. It’s just squid game and fall guys together

  3. ITs clearly not inspired by squid game as said in the description of crab game smh

  4. You know it's a great game when IGN upload a review of it.

  5. The voice chat is the best part of the game

  6. This game is unironically really fun TBH lol

  7. Nah really…….I would have never known……thats crazy

  8. wdym squid game inspired crab game, its the other way around!!!

  9. It's funny how they hide voice and text chat, because it's just too toxic

  10. So fall guys but with the red light green light game

  11. Damn IGN will talk about anything slapped together in 5 minuets as long as it's similar to something popular.

  12. Hopefully Netflix doesn't go Nintendo on his fangame.

  13. Lmao the chats blurred the whole time 😂

  14. Crab game isnt inspired by squid game
    Squid game is inspired by crab game

  15. No no no, you guys are very wrong, Dani doesn't like squid game:p

  16. It’s a great game, they should make a TV series based off of it.

  17. Take the L ign for not putting karlson in your video

  18. I'm confused. Dani clips gets more likes than this video. Does Dani fans not know this channel exist or are they neutral towards this channel?

  19. me watching dani:Thats Curse

    this video:more curse

  20. It's not fan game when there's no original game

  21. Imagine they posted the real trailer of the game

  22. Wrong title, Netflix stole Dani's game and turned it into a Web Series.
    Poor Dani.

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