Squid Game In VR is HERE. Quest 2 VR Update - squidgame.quest

Squid Game In VR is HERE. Quest 2 VR Update

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Squid game reaction after I played the squid game in real life. From red light green light and other Squid game challenges and games in Virtual Reality. Become part of the squid games in Roblox or other VR games and take part in Squid game yourself to try to win the challenges and maybe find the hidden easter eggs from Squid game that you might have missed. Season 2 of Squid Game is coming soon and new VR controllers from Microsoft and Quest 2 Vr news. Other crazy new VR headsets are here fromt Vive Flow and the Magic Leap 2 but also news about the Lynx Vr headset and Lone Echo 2 being released.


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  1. Great Video bro, I really am started to get Excited for the future of VR And AR Especially knowing these glasses could make the movie Ordinal Scale From Sao In Reality Sheesh!

  2. Thou may be or may not be first, for we shall never known. For all we can really know, Relity was the first.

  3. Nervelink was impossible I think using nerve to control like sao is like mission impossible even doctor can only nervelink for checking only

  4. Wow cool and here like always❤️❤️❤️❤️😂

  5. Ur videos are the best u really deserve more credit

  6. your logo looks like something starts with (A)


  7. super cool but I think I don't want to be in squid game haha bit to scary

  8. Do you think that the vr industry could work with certain prosthetic companies in order to create wrist mounted devices for hand tracking or inputs for vr???

  9. I pulled an all nighter watch squid game I need some desparite help

  10. I'd highly recommend trying some of the ones on Roblox. Since Roblox is VR compatible some of them work nicely with an Xbox controller. Usually about 100ish players, some can push you, or murder you, but it's pretty fun!

  11. Welp, if Microsoft can do samething better with VR/AR technology. I will change my bad opinions about Xbox and PC will change.

  12. The only thing i want to be added in VR is damge sense like feeling the the damge when you get hit

  13. These new vr headsets are behind the times. Assuming next gen vr is released next year(Specifically oculus and valve), none of these specs will hold up with what it appears will be in next gen vr. They're trying to match the quest 2 when that probably won't even be the standard next year.

  14. back in 2017 i had a dream about a big roleplay where you played in group agaisnt red or pink clothed people XD

  15. As expected from relity
    Relity always gives real news. ❤

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