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Friends in the Video


  1. The more of Brian/Terroriser videos i watch, the more i realize that his humor is top notch, then after that is Tyler/Wildcat, and finally comes Marcel/Basically. Those are my top picks. I think you guys need to do more of these VR chat videos.

  2. i accidentally pressed the subscribe button. please notify suport to revert this action.

    intro: brain makeing a video with vanoss as the camara man

  4. Back to you in korea 😂 when he said that i heard sark in my head.. *North Korea

  5. I wold love to thank you when I was sad I watch your videos to keep me happy and since I broke up with my cheating gf you are helping me stay happy thank you Terrorizer

  6. Feels your camera is zoom when you playing this Brian.

  7. I know this is probably dumb to do here. But I finally got the courage to comment so there's that.

    I have been subbed to your channel for god knows how long. You make my days better Brian. You and your friends.

    I actually have a story to share and a question to ask. I would superchat, but I am afraid it'd get drowned out.

    I am 23, and there are a lot of things wrong with me. I have ADHD, Depression, Anxiety, PTSD. I had encounters with death at young ages. Hell, someone tried to kill me at 16 after school ended back in 2014. I'm not confident in myself or appearance. I am always alone and people use me a lot.

    In high school, I always watched you and other youtubers like H20Delirious, Cartoonz, Markiplier, etc. And due to my lack of confidence. I never thought I could do what you do. I wasn't talented or anything. But I loved gaming, just like you guys.

    This year, I finally found a way to do streaming. Vtubers just became a thing and this was a blessing for me. Now I could finally do what I always wanted. Stream, make people feel valued and like they have a place to be themselves. So I started in August. Met a few people in the community. People said I had potential and that I was very easy to talk to. Everything was great.

    But then, people started being rude, said I was bragging when I was happy and excited due to my progress. Haters came due to an opinion on a game character I disliked. It all came down for me. The hate, the abandonment, rejection, everything made me have a meltdown and a bad emotional attack.

    It was so bad that I, deleted my channel at only 47 subs. Subs I gained in a month. I cared about my small community and now I feel like I let them down. But I let myself down most of all.

    I quit on a dream, I quit on something I was passionate about. I miss it. I miss it cause for once in my life. I felt like I was worth something, that I was good at something. I was truly happy for the first time in 7 years.

    I dunno what to do. I want to return. I want to start over, but I am afraid because what if it happens all over again. I know there's not a chance my comment will be seen or if anyone can help me. But I'll ask.

    How do I start over, what do I do to make things different, how do I deal with hate and fake people? Youtube is my dream, making people feel at home is my dream, making people feel like they have one friend is my dream, and I don't want to give on it again.

  8. This is hilarious disturbing and uncomfortable all at the same time

  9. As I’m watching this video I scroll down seeing other videos and I see Jacksepticeye as one of them. While Terrorizer speaking in his Ireland accent at 0:58 with that leprechaun avatar and I just couldn’t hold it in. Lmfao 😂

    Lucky me🍀😁

  10. I was chuckling through the video but when jiggly came in with the Snorlax avatar I fucking died

  11. I get the joke of tigger but did he actually say the n word

  12. Third time watching this video and still funny the first time I saw it 😂😂😂😂 Larry the leprechaun deserves a medal

  13. looking at the views and hoping you played again because it did well

  14. this game has gmod sandbox DBZ mod vibes

  15. This video was absolutely amazing it's like ridonculous amazing 💞

  16. I couldn’t stop laughing at Tyler’s impression of Gilbert Gottfried.

  17. God I hope you guys make more VR chat vids, they're so damn good and hilarious asf 😂


    Also gives me major gmod vibes 😭

  18. Brian missed a grand opportunity to use his sound board 😂

  19. We definitely need a Larry The Leprechaun series from Brian.

  20. Can we get The Boys and Vanoss crew to do a skit together lol. I would love to have YourNarrator to be their tour guide in VR Chat.

  21. Guys, y'all.need to show us in your VR gear just so we can see those sweet moves. 🤣

  22. I’m so happy we get videos like this Brian, love you man

  23. Brian awesome stuff my man who knows maybe we might come across each other one day in the vr world

  24. Remember when Terroriser tweeted that loud doesn’t equal entertaining?

  25. Brian carried everybody’s video in this game 😂

  26. This was absolutely incredible never laughed this hard! Need to see more

  27. Am I the only one who can understand literally every Irish word spat out in the vid cause I’m a Newfie? XD

  28. love to know where that snorlax avatar is from

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