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SQUID GAME IN VR! // Can you survive Red Light Green Light in VR on Quest 2!

Beardo Benjo
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Squid Game has arrived in VR, the hugely popular Netflix series has already spawned a tonne of Red Light Green Light game adaptations but there is now a dedicated Red Light Green Light VR game available for free on Itch.io for all you Oculus Quest & Oculus Quest 2 owners! The goal is simple, much like the Red Light Green Light Squid Game scene players need to make their way across the field to the otherside but they can only move when the giant robot baby says “Green Light”. When the robot says “Red Light” it’s time to freeze and hope that you don’t get shot by some unknown assassins waiting in the darkness.

This unofficial Squid Game VR game was created as a fan project and made available amongst the itch.io VR games section. The concept is extremely simple but good fun for a quick playthrough, I’m always surprised by just how quickly game developers can create these products based on popular franchises and moments in pop culture. I do believe this Squid Game VR Game supports multiplayer but during my playtime I was the only person online & couldn’t invite anyone else, I would love to see a full scale Red Light Green Light VR game in the future so fingers crossed this evolves or a new product appears in its place (there’s probably already something inside Rec Room or VRChat actually)!

Download Squid Game VR / Red Light Green Light VR here –

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  1. i hope they make all the levels from the series, especially the bridge level 😀

  2. Ben I'll play with you can I be the sniper 😁

  3. I tried to like Squid Game the series but it was awful. The acting was atrocious, the dubbing was so bad that I turned on the Korean language with English subtitles but it was still terrible. There is so much unintentional humour and the premise is ridiculous. However this looks infinitely better than trying to watch that series.

  4. How do you keep dying before even setting off past the white line??????? Pretty sure you can't start punching babies just because they scare you (even if they do have sinister lighty up eyes). With a lot of other players all in the same arena this would be even more tense, great fun 🙂

  5. So glad RJ (developer of this game) is getting recognition he deserves. He has a ton of other games in development at the moment as well

  6. I wish someone would make a game like Fall Guys in VR. Would be hilarious.

  7. It's a shame they didn't use the little girls voice or similar from the show. Waaay creepier.

  8. Would’ve been fun to see this in multiplayer

  9. In Scotland we always called it what’s the time mr fox

  10. I literally asked for this last night…woke up to this…GRABBING MY OCULUS FOR BREAKFAST! Dope!

  11. Did not stay up till 5:30 binge watching this weird ass show :D.

  12. That baby is terrifying!!!! I gotta watch the show and snag this off applab!

  13. what time is it mr wolf is an amazing game i used to play it

  14. Haha this the funniest video I have ever seen! I never knew they made a squad game out of this! It’s awesome I haven’t watch squad game yet but it on my playlist On Netflix. New Sub here! I Enjoy this Video! Also shared it on my Community tab!

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