squid game in VR, but I have the gun - squidgame.quest

squid game in VR, but I have the gun

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red light green light, boom baby

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  1. I'm still having nightmares of being shot but Bonus

  2. Aimes and bonus are funny asf dude. Whose the third guy though?


  3. I can't believe theres only one unlike 😂

  4. Join the bean clan show support by spreading the message.

  5. When you said “I love America” after the school sho0t!ng part had me laughing 😂😂😂😂😂😂

  6. “It looks just like dads” What the huh 😀

  7. She put a little too much yeast into baking that cookie 😂

  8. I’m a fan! Ur yellow bean vid was funny >:3

  9. "If its not a Circle, Triangle or Square, it aint a shape" – some squid dude probably

  10. Smashing is like Deadpool, since he can’t join The Boys he started his own scuffed X-force and will show up in every other boys’ video

  11. wtf what is you game ? it s my avatar and map xD
    wtf ! but it s so funny

  12. yo this is a map from vrchat, somoene ripped it, i'm gonna warn your vid

  13. Help me reach 5K subs with no videos says:

    Aah yes… the wonder of The Budget Boys

  14. Never seen squid game or what ever. Might have to watch it after the last three videos you made after it lol.

  15. Look at this thumbnail! Wow! I actUALLY remember the things in the video and they're ACTUALLY portrayed accurately here!
    COUGH mully COUGH

  16. smashing alway make my day so much better

  17. Ames wasn't playstation, he was Xbox, bonus was nitendo and smash daddy is a sega

  18. My god, Ames would b a very terrifying killer of slasher…maybe he would b gay and cuddles the corpses

  19. Maybe smash daddy is the long forgotten Dreamcast

  20. Wtf Ames and smashing this stinks like lady farts…u guys it doesn't match hahaha

  21. Negative sir, I have the gun
    -Smashing Six
    The fall of Reach

  22. Did you forget the rules no talking unless your supior gives permission triangle can not talk they are soldiers squares are supiors and circle is manager

  23. Couldn't tell witch was ams I think 🤔 square ⬛

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