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SQUID GAME: Every Clue You Missed & Ending Explained! 오징어게임

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Squid Game breakdown, ending explained, clues & details you missed! Click the and use code NEWROCKSTARS to get $25 off of your Vessi shoes. Free shipping to CA, US, AUS, NZ, JP, TW, KR, SGP

Squid Game, or 오징어게임, the hit South Korean series on Netflix by filmmaker Hwang Song-hyuk, is filled with clues and interesting details that discreetly set up the series’ fascinating twist ending! Erik Voss breaks down all the interesting clues you missed from Squid Game Episode 1 through the tragic Gganbu episode, and Squid Game Episode 9, including how every character’s death was foreshadowed!

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Producer: Erik Voss
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Producer: Brandon Barrick
Writer: Erik Voss
Writer/Host: MasterTainment
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  1. You didn’t mention that he has magenta hair (playstation bunny men) and a teal suit (contestants)

  2. I know someone who didn't like Squid game…..and how's this….he still thinks hes not racist! Can you believe it??

  3. Can anyone explain the morse code that Jin-ho decoded by the coughing of his neighbouring room ?? What was it for ??

  4. Actually no, if you watch the tug of war scene again, at the end after they win, the entire team has locks on their handcuffs except for Il Nam. Basically meaning he was never in any real danger from the game as he could have just slipped off his handcuffs at any point.

  5. Yes he was changed but not padlocked so he could break free

  6. first 255 people died had no idea that they would get killed if they lose and it goes against the idea that everything with the games was fair. why is nobody talking about this?

  7. Great stuff! But if you really truly love twists, turns, revelations, easter eggs and ingenious mystery mythology magical story telling – D A R K is the best ever made (the ultimate Netflix classic)

  8. The triangular table is an homage to Judy Chicago’s work of art “The Dinner Party.”

  9. You telling me if I had Vessi shoes, I'd survive Squid Games?

  10. I jus rewatched episode 5 & saw that play 001 isn’t there as you said in your #8 clue

  11. For such a violent series, it did a great job of building its characters and having a good story.
    I hope we get a season 2.

  12. The myth that the people who chose red are guards is false. When you see the manager (square guard) play the clips of each player playing that game you see some picked red, yet they are still players.

  13. I was surprised none of the players noticed that the games were painted on the walls

  14. Loved everything but the end. Bruh go be a father!! Like son barley survived the games, now you a killer bout to take down a whole organization. Homie a worse dad than Goku and omniman

  15. I’m guessing he will use his money and his will to seek revenge. This mirrors the first episode. His gift that he won for his daughter turned out to be a weapon. His gift for winning the Squid Game is now his weapon.

  16. Who else guessed the ending of Squid Game before Player 1 spoke a single word? It was so obvious to me. Granted, I watched Snowpiercer a few months ago, so that was in my brain.

  17. I binged the entire thing & had to call out of work because of missed sleep ( I know, real responsible of me, my job is high stress & I have only ever called out one other time. Guilty conscious much?)

  18. 001 did have chains on him, but no lock😉

  19. I truly was confused on the hair color because it was horrid. His character got on my nerves so much with the lack of maturity, but it was still really good. Great acting. RIP Ali 😔

  20. I don’t think they were ever gonna kill him. He just wanted to play not play to the death. In Episode 4, when he yelled for it to stop they stopped the game immediately. And they didn’t kill him when he lost marbles either. A huge hint is his number being 001.

  21. Did anyone else think that the Cop's brother was just one of the first competitors that died in Red Light, Green Light? Based on this, that tells me the guards are there for the same reason as the contestants.

  22. Just so people know, in order to read the proper subtitles, you need to put the "English" one on, not the "English CC"

  23. He did rig the game, no green sensor on him in first game

  24. erik can we do a re-watch party together with other subscribers to this channel?

  25. If you choose red, you woulden’t be guard, cause like the players after the first game: “ Why are you doing this !?!? “ so there’s a good chance that only criminals could be guards?

  26. A few of the things you said were blatantly incorrect. Stick to marvel, it's more your speed

  27. Another really cool thing that I noticed during a few episodes of squid game was that it mimics Matthew 20:16 Which in the KJV Reads “So the first shall be last and the last shall be first. For many are called, but few are chosen.” When Gi-Hun gives his jacket up Player One gives is up as well.

  28. For #7 on the Tug of War game, someone pointed out that Il-Nam doesn’t have a lock on his shackles.

  29. Its basically high stakes Undercover Boss.

  30. I felt fol il-nam all throughout the series. That twist had me wlack-jawed

  31. One thing I heard from a different channel is that the blue/red is not to decide roles, but a metaphor to the red/blue pill from the matrix

  32. Reminds me of saw for some reason it was good 😊

  33. I think this guy's light in the loafers

  34. squid game was brilliant, every1 iv spoke 2 in the uk loved it. looking 4ward 2 season 2!✌

  35. Yeah he picked the the star but was he actually in any danger ? They would of just not shot him like the marble game… The only game he was actually in danger was the tug of war… You can argue Red Light Green Light but that's questionable and the late night fight was stopped on his demand. If he was attacked the guards were ready to come in. I kinda like this more tho bc just like the Elite they claim it's a fair game but never actually is.

  36. i always saw the Frontman telling Gi-Hun to get on the plane as a sign of their intention to blow up that plane, eliminating any loose ends from talking about the games

  37. 8:49 look to the left of the screen, the third one down there is a player playing with the red dachii

  38. The old man…i had my suspicion cause he was number 1….he was happy as hell to run the first challenge and when he yelled stop you'll kill everyone i knew he was behind it all. Thanks to your nerdy overanalyzing videos, that's how my mind watches movies and shows now lol

  39. Damn it.. I watched this before the last episode..😠

  40. Anybody else appreciate how much a kubrick stan the creator of squid game is?

  41. Oh shit. I saw the folder was missing 001 but it never clicked as suspicious

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